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Woman SI demands bribe for bail to Sec 498A accused – Tv9

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Woman arrested for lodging false complaint

Woman arrested for lodging false complaint
Bangalore, March 7 2012, DHNS:
The KG Nagar police arrested a woman for lodging a false complaint that she was robbed of her gold chain by unidentified persons.

On Wednesday morning, Bhagyalakshmi had gone to her relative Shanthakumar’s house in KG Nagar, and left her gold chain in the bathroom. She went out thereafter.

Once she reached Allama Prabhu Road, she reportedly called Shanthakumar and told him that two men accosted her and robbed her of the gold chain.

Shanthakumar rushed to the spot, and took her to the police station to lodge a complaint.

When the police took her to the spot where she was supposedly robbed, her replies raised suspicions.

Meanwhile, a domestic help at Shanthakumar’s house found the gold chain in the bathroom and alerted him. The police then confronted Bhagyalakshmi, who admitted that her complaint was false. She was subsequently arrested. Further investigations are on.

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NRI woman dupes Punjabi husband, seeks divorce

MOGA: Close on the heels of a Canadian NRI conspiring to eliminate his wife by hiring contract killers, a case of an Australian NRI woman duping her Punjabi husband has come to light.

Bagipura village resident Gurwinder Singh had married Amandeep Kaur, who has been living in Australia, in 2009 and sent her Rs 16.70 lakh for further studies, said family members of Gurwinder.

While leaving for Australia after solemnizing the marriage, Amandeep had promised to help Gurwinder reach Australia after getting visa for him, which she never did. Instead, she sent divorce papers to Gurwinder some days ago.

Police have booked Amandeep Kaur, her father Ajmer Singh, mother Jasbir Kaur and brother Amarinder Singh for fraud and cheating. Amarinder was arrested on Wednesday.

It was on Tuesday when Moga’s Nihal Singh Wala police booked Gurjit Singh of Canada for allegedly hiring contract killers to eliminate his Punjabi wife Harpreet Kaur. The victim had told the police that she came to know of her husband marrying again in Canada, and had been pressurizing her for divorce.

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Woman chews off boy’s fingers in jail

AJMER: In a freak incident, a 35-year-old woman chewed off the fingers of a four-year-old-boy in Central Jail in Ajmer on Wednesday.

The woman Barfi, who has been serving sentence for throwing her son from a running train, attacked the child who has been staying with his mother, also a prisoner. While trying to rescue her son, the woman too was attacked.

The jail administration has lodged a complaint against Barfi at the Civil Lines police station, and sent the injured to JLN Hospital.

According to sources, the incident occurred during lunch hour, when Salma went to collect her food, and her son Arman was playing in the jail premises.

“Barfi saw my son and started beating him. She later, chewed off his fingers,” said an inconsolable Salma. Seeing her son crying in pain, she rushed to save him. “But, Barfi attacked me and bit my hand,” she said.

The child has been in state of shock, and not uttered a word since the incident occurred.

Barfi was arrested by the Railway police last month when she had thrown her child from a train running between Jaipur and Ajmer. She was remanded in judicial custody.

Sources said Barfi would spend long hours sitting quietly in a corner but often got angry on seeing Arman.

Jail administration, however, denied to comment on the incident.

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Live-in partner falsely accused of RAPE, Granted bail by High Court

February 27, 2012 1 comment

The High Court of Karnataka has granted bail to a 27-year-old sous-chef working for a star hotel in the city who is accused of raping and cheating his ex-colleague.

Anup, who had to spend 21 days in jail after his arrest, was granted bail on February 23 on the basis of the hotel’s electronic attendance log which showed that he was on duty at the time when he was accused of having raped 25-year-old Roopika (both names changed to protect identity).

In her complaint filed at Jalahalli police station last month, Roopika stated that she first met Anup six years ago when both of them were working at Hotel Lalit Ashok. After Roopika left the job, the duo came in contact with each other on Facebook in September last year. Meanwhile, Anup joined MoveNPick Hotel and both of them continued to be in touch with each other through SMS, Facebook and Google Talk.

Roopika alleged that Anup proposed to her and she accepted. They met a few times and Anup asked her to join him to celebrate his birthday at his home on October 19, 2011. She met him between 3 pm and 4 pm and he forced her to have sex with him, she stated in the complaint.

They continued to chat about sex and he told her that he wanted to have sex with her without protection. Though she refused, Anup forced her to have sex with him on several occasions till January 25, 2012, promising to marry her. After that, Anup told her that he was using her only to satisfy his physical needs and had no intention of marrying her, Roopika alleged.

A case of rape and cheating was filed against Anup and he was arrested on February 1, 2012. He was sent to judicial custody after a fast track sessions court rejected his bail application.

While the hotel’s attendance records show that Anup was at work at the time when he was accused of raping Roopika at his home, there were also allegations that the two were live-in partners for some time.

Anup’s advocate RLN Murthy said, “There is misuse of old provisions of law these days. Society has changed a lot and we live in what can be termed e-society. However, men continue to be made victims of old laws which were instituted to protect women.”

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Estranged wife steals job letter, passport & work visa; hubby tells HC he can’t pay alimony

February 24, 2012 2 comments

An attempt to get even with her estranged husband boomeranged on the wife. Saurav Chowdhary, 31, and Sangeetha, 28, tied the knot a few years ago, but are now involved in a messy divorce case.

Saurav, a software engineer, has told the High Court of Karnataka that Sangeetha had made it impossible for him to earn a livelihood as she had taken away the appointment letter for a job in Singapore, his passport and work visa. Saurav’s advocate told the court that if he did not join work soon, he would not be able to pay the Rs 23,000 monthly alimony he had been paying Sangeetha.
Sangeetha, who hails from Kolkata, has returned to her parents’ home, while Saurav resides in Bangalore. She has filed cases under Section 498(A) of the  Indian Penal Code  and under the Domestic Violence Act.
The cases are being heard in a lower court, but Sangeetha had filed a fresh case in the high court, alleging that the police were supporting her husband who had filed a false complaint against her.
All this was triggered by a trespass complaint Saurav has filed with the Mahadevpura police station. He alleged that his wife entered his house and took away 16 different items, including gold jewellery, his marks cards,  the appointment letter, passport and work visa. 
Justice N Ananda went through the list of items allegedly taken away by Sangeetha. “She may get some of these items in the final settlement… Let her keep the gold items,” the judge said. “But, she should give back the marks cards, the appointment letter and the passport. Let him live. He has to survive. Was he not paying her maintenance that she took away these things?” he asked.
The government advocate told the court that the parties were not willing to compromise and the advocates were unable to help them. The court ordered that Sangeetha be present for the next hearing along with all the items she had taken away. The case was adjourned to March 6.

Let him live. He has to survive. Was he not paying her maintenance that she took away these things?

JUSTICE N ANANDA, High court judge
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Wife, 3 others held for killing man

February 12, 2012 1 comment

A 29-year-old woman, her boyfriend and two contract killers were arrested for allegedly shooting her husband dead at the Mayur Vihar Metro station a week ago.
Other than the woman, the three arrested have been identified as Deepak (22), and Sanjeev (28) and Rahul(20) — alleged contract killers. On February 4, the woman’s husband Shiv Prasad was shot at the Mayur Vihar Metro station. He later succumbed to injuries at a government hospital.

According to police, the woman was being abused by her husband over the last 15 years and this had prompted her to murder him in connivance with her boyfriend Deepak and two contract killers. The woman reportedly told police that she had been forced into marrying Shiv Prasad after he kidnapped her brother. Shiv Prasad, she alleged, went on to murder her brother after their marriage and then forced her into prostitution.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (East), Prabhakar said, “In 1996, Prasad alias Shibu had married the woman forcibly when she was only 14 years old. Shibu was then a resident of Dakshinpuri and used to visit a friend named Rocky who lived in the same area. During one of his visits, he saw the woman and fell in love with her. However, her family opposed the match and her brother, Vinod, severely beat up Shibu. To avenge this, Shibu kidnapped Vinod and assaulted him. Shibu said that he would release Vinod only if the family married off the girl to him.”

“Left with no other option, the family agreed to get them married. However, the next day, Vinod reportedly ‘died’ due to injuries. The case was not reported by the family as, by then, Shibu had married her.

“Shibu, meanwhile, got involved in many criminal activities and had ten criminal cases registered against him between 1997 and 2001. He served several jail sentences as well. After his release, Shibu started torturing his wife mentally and physically. A son was born to them, but considering Shibu’s behaviour, she gave the boy away to her mother,” Prabhakar said.

In 2001, Shibu allegedly murdered one of his sons by electrocuting him in an inebriated state. However, this case was also not reported by the family as they feared Shibu would be arrested, police said.

In August 2003, Shibu forced his wife into prostitution, police said. Last year, in May, she came in contact with Deepak, who was one of her clients. Deepak fell in love with her and the two eloped to her parental home in Dichaon Kalan. The police said the couple feared Shibu and wanted to eliminate him to lead a peaceful life.

“Rahul, who used to live in the woman’s neighborhood and was sympathetic towards her, introduced them to a contract killer, Sanjeev. For Rs 2 lakh, Rahul and Sanjeev agreed to kill Shibu. The woman arranged for the money from her father’s retirement fund,” said Prabhakar.

On the day of the incident, Deepak lured Shibu to come to Mayur Vihar Metro station on the pretext that he will get to see his wife and son. “It was planned that while Deepak diverted Shibu’s attention by making a call to his cellphone, Rahul and Sanjeev will shoot him. The three reached the station in an Indica,” said Prabhakar.

When Shibu reached the station, Deepak called him up. Shibu received the call and just then, Sanjeev, who had covered himself with a shawl to escape identification, shot Shibu in the back. The trio fled from the spot in the Indica and later abandoned it near Meerut, police said.

The four accused have been sent to three days’ police custody.

Two countrymade weapons of .315 bore, Rs 75,000 in cash and a mobile phone have been recovered.

The reporter is a student of EXIMS, New Delhi

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