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Murder jigsaw solved, justice done-Women Criminals on rise in Bangalore

BANGALORE: Nearly seven years after Girish, a software engineer with Intel, was murdered on Ring Road, a fast-track court on Tuesday found his fiancee, Shubha, and three others guilty of the act. Girish had been engaged to Shubha just four days before his murder.


B V Girish and S Shubha, who were neighbours on 23rd Main Road, Banashankari II Stage, had known each other for 15 years, and were engaged on November 30, 2003. Their marriage was fixed for April 11, 2004.

Shubha was then 21. Daughter of lawyer Shankaranarayana, she was studying final year at BMS College of Law. The engagement with Girish was against her will, as she was in love with Arun Verma, her junior in college. He was from Bihar.

Girish, then 27, was not aware of Shubha’s intentions. Girish studied in Dayananad Sagar Institute of Technology and was living with his parents, B Venkatesh, a retired Air Force staffer, and mother Pushpavalli.

Police stated that Shubha’s boyfriend Arun, 19, his cousin Dinakar alias Dinesh, and a local thug, Venkatesh, were involved in the murder.

Shubha’s father, after learning about her affair with Arun, forced her to get engaged to Girish. Shubha and Arun hatched a plan to eliminate Girish. A desperate Arun hired Venkatesh to kill Girish. Arun’s cousin Dinakar helped plan the modalities of the murder.


On December 3, 2003, Shubha forced Girish to take her out for dinner and made him stop his bike near the flight landing point on Ring Road, between Indiranagar and Koramangala. Then, HAL airport was operational.

Arun and Venkatesh were waiting on the other side of the road. When Girish was busy watching a flight, Venkatesh went from behind, hit him on the head with a shock absorber, and sped away on Arun’s bike.

Shubha shifted Girish to Manipal Hospital, but he died a while later. She told the police an unidentified person assaulted her fiance and ran away. The police, who suspected Shubha, collected call details of her mobile phone, prior to and after Girish’s murder on December 3.

There were numerous calls to Arun’s number. The police kept a watch on him and collected print-outs of his cellphone calls. They picked up Arun and confronted him with the evidence. He confessed to the murder and, based on this, Shubha, Venkatesh and Dinakar were arrested.


When the court pronounced Shubha and her three associates guilty, Girish’s family was relieved that the battle was finally over.

Girish’s sister Sunitha, who was present in court, seemed relieved at judgement but immediately said: “Justice has prevailed and we are relieved. But we are waiting for the sentence that will be announced tomorrow. I can react only after that.”

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  1. B.K.Agrawal
    July 14, 2010 at 11:12 am

    Abla Naari is only a myth now. Time and again it is proved that the present generation Naari is far from the ideal picture what is stuck in the mind of Legislature and Judiciary. While forming Laws and giving verdicts they forget that the woman they are dealing is the liberated, aggresive and empowered to do anything women they are facing now.


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