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Woman chews off boy’s fingers in jail

AJMER: In a freak incident, a 35-year-old woman chewed off the fingers of a four-year-old-boy in Central Jail in Ajmer on Wednesday.

The woman Barfi, who has been serving sentence for throwing her son from a running train, attacked the child who has been staying with his mother, also a prisoner. While trying to rescue her son, the woman too was attacked.

The jail administration has lodged a complaint against Barfi at the Civil Lines police station, and sent the injured to JLN Hospital.

According to sources, the incident occurred during lunch hour, when Salma went to collect her food, and her son Arman was playing in the jail premises.

“Barfi saw my son and started beating him. She later, chewed off his fingers,” said an inconsolable Salma. Seeing her son crying in pain, she rushed to save him. “But, Barfi attacked me and bit my hand,” she said.

The child has been in state of shock, and not uttered a word since the incident occurred.

Barfi was arrested by the Railway police last month when she had thrown her child from a train running between Jaipur and Ajmer. She was remanded in judicial custody.

Sources said Barfi would spend long hours sitting quietly in a corner but often got angry on seeing Arman.

Jail administration, however, denied to comment on the incident.


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    March 6, 2012 at 5:20 am

    Psychatic patients should be kept in separate jail

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