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Why victims must attend weekly meetings?

December 20, 2010 1 comment

A Victim of gender biased laws like 498A IPC

  •          You have been betrayed by the person whom you trusted most, with whom you were supposed to spend life.
  •          Further when you went to police they extorted money from you.
  •          Further when you when went to lawyer, he is only interested in your money not in your relief. He is interested in your take home salary to decide your fees.
  •          Every one cheated you whom you trusted.
  •          Most of you cannot tell what happened in your life even to your colleagues.
  •          Your close friends told you…C’mon yaar…This is normal in a married life…Do compromise and bring back your wife without even knowing what is 498A!!
  •          When Judge called you to his chamber…He told you Do Settlement…Else I will not grant bail to you.
  •          You are humiliated…Your feel Cheated…You feel betrayed…You feel your life is spoiled when you see married couple around you…who are doing shopping…who are playing with their kids in the park…who go to cinema hall every Friday to watch latest blockbuster…
  •          You are thinking how it can happen to you because you had never done any harm to anyone…
  •          You are thinking how it can happen to you because many of you are software engineer and write software and do technologically advanced things…
  •          You are thinking …can I marry again?
  •          You are thinking…How much lawyer will charge you for the next hearing…


Why victims must attend weekly meetings?

  •          Weekly meeting are conducted for the benefit of victims.
  •          The organisers of the meetings themselves are victims.
  •          Weekly meeting does not mean that organisers will read and review each victims file. That is impossible to do. A person must be a superman to do that. We are not!!
  •          Do not think we have a magic wand and all your issues can be solved easily. If it was the case we would have solved all our problems by now 🙂
  •          If there was a magic wand lawyer would have solved the case by now.
  •          If by money you can solve the problem then by this time you could have solved the problem.
  •          Because a victim cannot discuss all this even to your close friends because they cannot understand all this as they may not be having any problem with their wife and also they will not understand the legal complications. They may not even have gone through the humiliation, harassment and torture of a police station.
  •          To develop friends in the meeting so that one or two friends are completely aware of your case and can advice you accordingly.
  •          To develop emergency backup.
  •          To know what is happening in others case and learn from their experience.
  •          To know what kind of judgement your judge is passing and fine tune your case/argument accordingly.
  •          To know latest judgements and other related news
  •          To participate in letter campaign and other protest activities.
  •          To develop support structure.
  •           Share each other’s knowledge and experience
  •          To be in a group. Remember a group is more powerful than individual. A group voice is heard by media, government and police.
  •          You can learn counter fight technique like RTI, DP3, TEP, PCR, Perjury etc in the meeting.
  •          You can benefit from special session like “written argument”, “RTL session” etc in the meeting.
  •          You have a platform to fight injustice done to you.
  •          You can build confidence in the weekly meeting.
  •          Due to meeting you will get opportunity to interact with judges and media with whom you can share you pain and sorrow.
  •          There are many senior members in the group who have much more knowledge and experience than the lawyers.
  •          By participating in the weekly meeting you can do social service by helping others.
  •          Can have company in Court hall in a envy environment
  •          In weekly meetings you have people who “listen” to you else no one is bothered in the world to listen to you.