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Protest over proposal of “Ministry of Women and Child Development” to offer tax rebates to divorced women


29th Jan 2016



The Hon’ble President,

Rashtrapati Bhavan                                            

New Delhi – 110 004

Phone: 011 23015321

Subject: Protest over proposal of “Ministry of Women and Child Development” to offer tax rebates to divorced women.

About National Family Harmony Society®: “National Family Harmony Society® NFHS is a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) promoting the cause of “family harmony” and “gender equality”. It is registered under “The Karnataka Societies Registration Act, 1960” and is based in Bangalore. We have branches in more than 16 states and in abroad too. We have approximately 14500 members all over India. To know more about us please visit /

Dear Sir,

We saw recent article in a section of media that “Ministry of Women and Child Development” has sent a proposal to the Finance ministry to offer tax rebates to divorced women.

  1. If tax rebates are offered to “senior citizens” OR to those family who sacrificed their life for nation OR to those “physically disabled” then we can fully understand the intention of the government. But to offer tax rebates to divorced women is bizarre.
  2. On the contrary, we should do every-thing to discourage the phenomenon of Divorce in the society but the proposal seems to be encouraging Divorces.
  3. Just curious to know, why every proposal from Ministry of women and child development seems to be focusing on women and not for child development? And in the context of women also they seems to be focusing only of divorced women or young daughter-in-law. The older mother-in-law are not women?
  4. The very thought of proposal of tax benefit to women who have broken family is very funny. Law must be made in such a way that our culture and traditions of years are protected and safeguarded. Already due to the onslaught of western culture it is very rare to see Joint Families, which are replaced by nuclear families. If government will make such laws of giving benefit to divorced women then indirectly breaking of families will be accelerated.
  5. Already there are five laws in India by which women can claim alimony, property and monthly maintenance from Ex Husband. Is that not enough that this new proposal is being brought.
  6. In this modern era we should make laws which are “Gender Neutral”. There are thousands of farmers who end their life unable to pay loans, let’s give tax break to them instead of well earning women.
  7. If I recall correctly then women are exempted to pay tax till 3 lakh per annum that works out to be 25,000/- INR per month. Is it logical to give tax break to people earning 25K?
  8. A divorced women may be getting 10 lakh per annum and a poor man getting 3 lakh per annum. Who deserve tax break in this case?


We demand your intervention and direction to Finance Ministry not to accept any such proposal from “Ministry of Women and Child Development”. Kindly send this petition for the kind consideration of Union Finance Minister Shri Arun Jaitely.

P Suresh, President, 9880141531

National Family Harmony Society

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Strong protest by “National Family Harmony Society®” on proposal of Sexual Offender’s Register

Today at 12:01 PM

23rd December 2015



The President Of India,
Rashtrapati Bhavan,

New Delhi, India – 110 004

Subject: Strong protest by “National Family Harmony Society® on proposal of Sexual Offender’s Register

About National Family Harmony Society®: “National Family Harmony Society® NFHS is a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) promoting the cause of “family harmony” and “gender equality”. It is registered under “The Karnataka Societies Registration Act, 1960” and is based in Bangalore. We have branches in more than 16 states and in abroad too. We have approximately 16000 members all over India. To know more about us please visit /

This is regarding the recent news reports appearing in a section of the media regarding the proposal from Ministry of Home affairs for registry of sex offenders, convicted of sexual offences ranging from voyeurism and stalking to rape and aggravated sexual assault. There is no doubt that we need to do everything to ensure safety of women but while doing so we seems to be guided by emotions and sentiments rather than by past experience.

I as president of National Family Harmony Society register my protest on the said proposal on below counts.

Firstly, before drafting such important legislation, no public consultation has been done which is the normal practice. Even in case of debate over the validity of National Judicial Accountable Commission – NJAC, Supreme Court has invited suggestions from common public and NGOs but before framing such important legislation, Government has not deemed it necessary to initiate public opinion.

Secondly, we know that the victim is severely traumatized in case of the crime. The cases received at our NGO with respect to 498A IPC and Domestic Violence Act shows that when these laws are misused and false cases are filed then the accused is so traumatized that they are driven on the verge of suicide. So we demand that those filing false cases and those who misuse the law should also be penalized and should be shamed so that only those who have been genuinely victimized use the law. All those who misuse the law should also be named in the separate register.

Thirdly, we strongly feel that just adding a person based on the conviction of the lower court may lead to severe damage to the accused in case he is acquitted by the higher courts. So a person’s name should not be added in the Sex Offender’s Register (SOR) unless he has exhausted all his legal and fundamental right till from Supreme Court.

Fourthly, if such persons who are named in the register want to reform then such register will come in the way of their integration in the society. No one will employ them because there name exist in the register. If such people fail to get employment due to this then they may go to any extent for their livelihood. This will prove to be counter-productive.

Fifthly, I feel, placing the man’s name on the registry, which is public, amounts to cruel and/or unusual punishment under the Constitution. Having his name on the searchable database will hurt his ability to find jobs, affect his family life and resulted in depression.

Sixthly, bringing new laws for the ever changing society is needed but what is also needed is proper checks and balances to prevent its misuse because our criminal system is based on a single innocent should not be punished. This is very important in the light of thousands of incidents recently reported which were found to be false. There have been incidents where a person was convicted on false complaint and were later acquitted by High Court or Supreme Court.

With profound respects, Jai Hind!!!


P Suresh, Mobile-9880141531

President, National Family Harmony Society /

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Regarding inviting suggestion of collegium system from public


Nov 12 at 1:02 PM
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NFHS sends reality fiction “Just Married: Have You Applied For Bail?” to all 25 Judges of AP High Court

17th March 2011 / Bangalore


Sri T.Sunil Chowdary, Registrar General,

Andhra Pradesh High Court, Near Govt. City College,

Madina, Charminar, HYDERABAD – 500 066

Subject: Heavy misuse of 498A IPC and launch of Reality Fiction Novel “Just Married: Have You Applied for Bail?”

About National Family Harmony Society®: “National Family Harmony Society® NFHS is a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) promoting the cause of “family harmony” and “gender equality”. It is registered under “The Karnataka Societies Registration Act, 1960” and is based in Bangalore. We have branches in more than 16 states and in abroad too. We have approximately 16500 members all over India. To know more about us please visit /


Dear Sir,


The misuse of 498A IPC and other matrimonial laws is an open secret. Even the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India and various High Courts on more than one occasion has acknowledged the heavy misuse of 498A and has termed it as “Legal Terror”. Our NGO has been creating awareness in the society and requesting government from several years that there is a serious need to urgently overhaul all the matrimonial laws and to make all of them “Gender Neutral”.


We have been trying relentlessly over several years to convince the government that crime has nothing to do with gender and anyone can be perpetrator of crime irrespective of gender.


Things would have been still better but for the insensitivity of the Government to make laws only for young married woman. E.g. if we take the example of Protection of Woman from Domestic Violence Act, it does not provide any protection to sisters and mothers of husband even though they are also woman!!


We have been holding Protest, Dharna, PILs, Press Conferences, Protest march, Petitioning Government etc, but of no avail. Government seems to be in no mood to listen to us and has turned a blind eye towards us.


We have high hopes from Judiciary which over several years have been consistently acknowledging heavy misuse of 498A IPC and other gender biased laws. Our NGO has recently published a reality fiction “Just Married: Have You Applied For Bail?”  which is more or less in similarity with the sarcastic remark once made by the vacation bench of Justices Arijit Pasayat and G S Singhvi of Hon’ble  Supreme court that “Even at the time of marriage, anticipatory divorce petitions are being filed,”


Our NGO has attached a copy of the book for your kind consideration and reading with high hopes that Judiciary will deal with the misuse cases with iron hand so that innocents are not punished and the well intentioned laws are not misused.


As it is not fair on part of any NGO or citizen to directly approach Hon’ble Judges with any grievances or petition, hence requesting you to kindly circulate a copy of the above book to the below list of Judges through your office. Total 25 copies are attached herewith alongwith this petition.


  1. Hon’ble The Acting Chief Justice N.V.Ramana
  2. Hon’ble Ms. Justice G.Rohini
  3. Hon’ble Sri Justice Ashutosh Mohunta
  4. Hon’ble Sri Justice L.Narasimha Reddy
  5. Hon’ble Sri Justice R.Subhash Reddy
  6. Hon’ble Sri Justice K.C.Bhanu
  7. Hon’ble Sri Justice B.Seshasayana Reddy
  8. Hon’ble Sri Justice G.Chandraiah
  9. Hon’ble Sri Justice Ramesh Ranganathan
  10. Hon’ble Sri Justice G.Bhavani Prasad
  11. Hon’ble Sri Justice Nooty. Ramamohana Rao
  12. Hon’ble Sri Justice C.V.Nagarjuna Reddy
  13. Hon’ble Sri Justice R.Kantha Rao
  14. Hon’ble Sri Justice Vilas V.Afzulpurkar
  15. Hon’ble Sri Justice P.V.Sanjay Kumar
  16. Hon’ble Sri Justice B.Chandra Kumar
  17. Hon’ble Sri Justice Raja. Elango
  18. Hon’ble Sri Sri Justice B.N.Rao Nalla
  19. Hon’ble Sri Justice Samudrala Govinda Rajulu
  20. Hon’ble Sri Justice Noushad Ali
  21. Hon’ble Sri Justice N.R.L.Nageswara Rao
  22. Hon’ble Sri Justice K.G.Shankar
  23. Hon’ble Sri Justice N.Ravi Shankar
  24. Hon’ble Sri Justice C.Praveen Kumar
  25. Hon’ble Sri Justice M.S.Ramachanra Rao


Jai Hind!!

With profound respects,


P Suresh, President, 09880141531

National Family Harmony Society

NFHS petition to Justice Verma committee on suggestions rearding RAPE laws

30th Dec 2012



Chairman, Hon’ble Justice J S Verma,
Justice Verma Committee,
New Delhi – 110001

Subject: Regarding suggestions, experience, knowledge and ideas from our NGO “National Family Harmony Society® NFHS regarding possible amendments to the criminal and other laws of Sexual Assault

About National Family Harmony Society®: “National Family Harmony Society® NFHS is a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) promoting the cause of “family harmony” and “gender equality”. It is registered under “The Karnataka Societies Registration Act, 1960” and is based in Bangalore. We have branches in more than 16 states and in abroad too. We have approximately 16500 members all over India. To know more about us please visit /


Dear Sir,


The National Capital Delhi has been witnessing widespread demonstration, protest by members of public and members of some political parties regarding the recent assault on a young woman.


Our NGO condemn the incident in strongest possible words to start with this petition.


But at the same time I express deep displeasure on the advertisement in leading news papers on 25 December 2012 by your committee. I would like to reproduce the opening lines of the said advertisement.


“The recent incident of rape and brutal assault on a young woman in Delhi has shook the conscience of the nation and has triggered a serious debate among jurists, civil society members and women’s groups about inadequacy of the present laws to protect the safety and dignity of women”


No doubt everyone is concerned about the safety and dignity of woman but why the conscience of the society is not triggered by the same brutal assault on her boy friend who was accompanying her and who was also thrashed black and blue? Why the Nation does not want to change/amend the laws to make the MEN also safe on the roads during night? Why Nation is not debating the pain and agony of an entire family of a poor constable who lost his life due to the reckless and irresponsible protest by unruly mob? Why we are not debating how to compensate a constable who lost his life on duty? Is the life of the boyfriend who was beaten black and blue and the poor constable less important in any way?


We hear in media every other day that elderly couple murdered for gain. Why the conscience of this nation is not triggered on such brutal and gruesome murder on innocent and helpless senior citizens who are at the fag end of their life?


If the law is to be amended then why only to amend the law related to woman? Is the life of MEN less worthy?


It is really unfortunate that in this era we are making laws keeping gender in mind. Let us keep in mind that a life of a MAN is worth the same the life of a WOMAN. But since the mandate of your committee is limited to invite suggestions regarding amendments to Woman related laws hence I limit myself to suggestions regarding the same.


While amending the laws let us not get swayed by emotions and sentiments and rather use our senses because it is very easy to demand to hang a person caught by police but you being a retired judge of the Highest court of this country knows very well the way police works in this country. If the police of our country were fair in investigation and efficient in arresting the right people involved in the crime then there is no need of Judiciary at all.


I would offer following suggestions in this regard.


Gender Equality: Let us draw our experience of other section of the IPC which has been dealing with crime against woman. The classic section which comes to one’s mind is 498A IPC which deals with cruelty to wife by husband and his relatives. Similarly Protection of Woman from Domestic Violence Act enacted by parliament to protect woman. Since these laws were made keeping in mind to protect woman with no protection to man hence these laws have been seriously abused and misused.  Even as per the own admission of Supreme Court which has termed 498A IPC as Legal Terror. Recently I came across a news article in a newspaper and I have reproduced the news below.

Man ‘raped’ by a gang of girls, claims perpetrators shot MMS

Dehradun (Uttara-khand): Women it seems have turned the table on men, yet again. A man from Dehradun has alleged that a gang of girls abducted, forcefully had sex with him and filmed the act. He also claims he was threatened with dire consequences if the went to the police.

As per the FIR lodged at Kotwali police station a man was abducted from near the Hindu National College by a group of women, raped and an MMS was filmed of the act.

The complainant claimed that on April 9 afternoon a few women approached him asking for directions. One of them sprayed “something” on his face that made him unconscious. He was then taken to a building and sexually molested by the women. He claims a video was also shot while he was being ravaged.

He was later dumped near bus stand with a warning that he would be killed if he informed the police. Cops are getting him examined by a medical professional and investigating the matter.

Law does not provide the perpetrators of the above crime to be booked under 375/376 of IPC as it is not Gender Neutral. It is an accepted practice worldwide that Criminal Laws should not be made keeping a particular gender in mind because a crime is a crime and should not be differentiated based on gender. Our common sense says that a man murdered by woman deserves the same punishment what a man will get for killing a woman.


I would like to invite your kind attention to the “ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY SECOND REPORT” ON “REVIEW OF RAPE LAWS MARCH, 2000” D.O.No.6(3)(36)/2000_LC(LS) dated March 25, 2000. Section 3.1 of the said reprt recommends following changes to the IPC.


3.1.   Substitution of definition of `rape’ by definition of `sexual assault’. Not only women but young boys, are being increasingly subjected to forced sexual assaults. Forced sexual  assault  causes  no  less trauma and psychological damage to a boy than to a girl subjected to such  offence. Boys  and  girls  both  are being subjected to oral sexual intercourse too.  According to some social activists like Ms  Sheela  Barse,  both  young  girls  and boys are being regularly used for all kinds of  sexual  acts  and  sexual perversions  in  certain tourist centres like Goa – mainly for edification of the foreign tourists.  Sakshi have also recommended for widening  the  scope  of  the  offence  in section 375  and  to  make it gender neutral.  Some of the Western countries have already done  this.    It  is  also necessary  to  include  under  this new definition (sexual assault) not only penile penetration but also  penetration by  any  other part of the body (like finger or toe) or by any other object. 


Explanation to  section  375  has  also been  substituted  by  us  to  say that penetration to any extent whatsoever shall be deemed to  be  penetration  for the purpose  of this section.  This is so provided for the reason that in the case of children, penetration is rarely complete – for physical reasons.  So far as the  Exception is  concerned, we have retained the existing Exception the only change made being in  the  matter  of  age;  we  have raised the age of the `wife’ from fifteen to sixteen.  The age  of  the  person assaulted sexually referred to in the clause “sixthly” has also  been  raised  to  sixteen  from fifteen.


Hence I would strongly suggest to make the IPC 376 Gender Neutral.


Misuse for punishment: There have been recent voices about making death punishment for those committing RAPE. Well there is absolutely no problem in it that the punishment for IPC 375/376 can be enhanced to death punishment but the same must be extended to those who misuse the law and implicate innocent with ulterior motives. It is a matter of common knowledge that criminal laws can be very easily misused. Even 498A IPC which was made with very good intention to protect wife has been seriously misused and abused to such an extent that at several occasion Supreme Court has voiced its concern and even asked Government to consider amendments to it. We are concerned that while amending any laws we must keep the misuse clause in it so that it will deter those who want to misuse it and only genuine victims are able to file complaint. It has also come across recently that a large number of rape cases are being filed by women who were living in live-in relations and once the relation soured then they filed case under Domestic Violence Act and Rape case which is nothing but abuse/misuse of the law.


I would draw your attention to the below news article

“The allegation is without substance and without an iota of evidence,” a bench of justices BS Chauhan and Swatanter Kumar said on the allegation levelled against Gandhi of rape of a girl in Uttar Pradesh and illegally detaining her along with her parents.

“The reputation of respondent no 6 (Rahul Gandhi) has been damaged by the undesirable act of the petitioner (Samrite),” the bench said.

The apex court further said the petition was “misconceived” and that Samrite abused the process of law on the basis of incorrect statement.

While influential persons like Rahul Gandhi can approach the highest court of this country and get the false case quashed but the common citizen has to wait for several years before false charges against him are proved false by the court of law.


Hence we strongly recommend that severe punishment clause must be added if anyone found guilty of misusing this provision to implicate innocents.


Fast track Court: On case of both 498A as well as 375/376 IPC it has bee observed that it takes many years for the trial to conclude. Hence we suggest that all such case should be conducted only in the session court so as to speed up the case.


In view of the above discussion we suggest following:


  1. We would strongly suggest to make the IPC 375/376 Gender Neutral.


  1. Hence we strongly recommend that severe punishment clause must be added if anyone found guilty of misusing this provision to implicate innocents.


  1. Hence we suggest that all such case including 498A, 375 and 376 should be conducted only in the session court so as to speed up the case.


P Suresh, President,


National Family Harmony Society

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Media or public has no right to conduct trials…Trial by media is violation of human rights…

December 25, 2012 1 comment

<<<<Delhi gang rape: Constable injured during Sunday’s protest at India Gate dies>>>>

This poor constable was brutally beaten up by unruly mobs…..Is he not a human being? No one speaks up for him……It is sad that people are driven by media channels who are just interested in TRP’s…Who are playing with emotions of people because in this country a crime against a lady evokes emotions… Whereas a crime against a man (even no one seems no bother about the boy friend seriously injured with the girl) is acceptable.

1) Did the TV channels ever bother about the suicide by farmers….Did they ever ran 24X7 campaign for this issue? Did people in Delhi ever protested for the farmers dying out of hunger?


2) Did people ever protested when it was found that Nisha Sharma has falsely implicated an entire family on false charges of dowry and sent them to jail for years and the entire family was found to be innocent and it was found that Nisha Sharma has leveled baseless, false allegations against the entire family. Why people of Delhi did not protest? That incident happened in Ghajiyabad just in the vicinity of Delhi.


3) Why the people of this country do not protest when a small 2 month baby was falsely named in FIR and made to suffer? Why the emotions of the people are not stirred in such cases?


4) Why the people of this country did not protest on such a gruesome murder by wife? Worst in this case is the wife murdered husband when he found that his wife was in illicit relation. Why the emotion of the people was not stirred? Why they kept quite and did not lay seize of India gate?


5) Why people of this country did not march towards Raisana Hills and 10 Janpath? Why they kept quite? Is the pain of a man whose genitals has been chopped off less painful than a woman being raped?


6) This lady harassed mansoor ali khan for 16 years and he was in jail on false charges by lady. Why people did not caught this lady and punish her on the streets. This person suffered a significant portion of his life running behind courts and was in jail for no fault of his. Where were the people then?


Why people were not hurt and did not feel anger in all the above cases? Because a crime against a man is accepted in this country… It is “Chalta Hai” attitude of the people….A penis chopped off of a man is a matter of amusement and fun for the public but a rape of a woman is a matter of venting frustration on the streets.


Looking from another angle to this issue….What the protestors want? If by their logic that accused who are arrested must be hanged…….If this logic is accepted then there is no need for courts. If all the accused arrested by the police are criminals then where is the need of the courts. Because in this country police does not do their jobs properly and arrests anyone to release pressure on them…that’s why there is the criminal justice system…..because 100’s of criminals can be let off but one innocent person should not be punished….


Media or public has no right to conduct trials…Trial by media is violation of human rights…


Wah…Indian Public Wah…No wonder Justice Katju said that “90 % people of this country are Idiots”.


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NFHS strongly condemns WCD proposal re salary to housewife…Petition sent to PM…

September 27, 2012 1 comment

To,                                                                                                                                                                                                          29th September 2012 / Bangalore

Honorable Prime Minister of India,

Prime Minister’s Office, Room No: 148 B,

South Block, New Delhi – 110001

Subject: Regarding unscientific proposal by Women and Child Welfare Ministry regarding salary to housewives for household work.

About National Family Harmony Society®: “National Family Harmony Society®” NFHS is a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) promoting the cause of “family harmony” and “gender equality”. It is registered under “The Karnataka Societies Registration Act, 1960” and is based in Bangalore. We have branches in more than 16 states and in abroad too. We have approximately 16000 members all over India. To know more about us please visit / /


The entire nation has been watching in horror, dismay and shock the recent proposal from the Ministry of Women and Child Development that it will be mandatory for husbands to pay salary for housewives for household work. Such bizarre thoughts and horrible proposal from WCD is a result of viewing women from a prism, which cannot see anything but only wives. We are particularly using the word wives as the said ministry has lost sight of other women like mother and sisters.

By making such a proposal wherein the said ministry has proposed salary for doing household work to wife, they have degraded the value of Indian wife. Only a servant is paid for doing household work. In this country where a woman is worshiped as goddess, the said ministry has degraded the values of a woman from goddess to servant. It is really pity on them that they are actually comparing a wife to servant and asking husbands to pay for it. Has our Indian woman’s value degraded so much that they need salary for performing the duties and responsibilities towards their family? Can we imagine what could have happened, if our mother had asked salary from our father? This thought is so bizarre even to think off.

Has the said ministry understood the family system of our great nation? Probably not!! Because as the name of the ministry suggest that it is only ministry of women and child welfare!! They have nothing to do with family or family welfare. The said ministry cannot see anything beyond woman (Read wife as they have nothing to offer for the benefit and welfare of mothers and sisters) and in the process by making such laws and proposals in the name of woman welfare, actually they are destroying the age old tested and proven family system of India.

It is an open secret that current woman welfare laws designed by the said ministry e.g. 498A IPC, Domestic violence Act, Hindi Marriage Act etc has accelerated the process of family disintegration. These existing laws which are gender biased, in favor of woman, has been the single most factor for conflicts and breaking of families. Concerned and alarmed over the rapid pace of the disintegration of families and the courts being flooded with divorce petitions, a vacation Bench of Supreme Court, Justices Arijit Pasayat and G S Singhvi observed that “The Hindu Marriages Act has broken more homes than uniting,” “Even at the time of marriages, anticipatory divorce petitions are being filed,” the Bench remarked sarcastically.

The misuse of the gender biased laws such as 498A IPC, Domestic violence Act is an open secret. It has become a fashion to drag the entire innocent family to court and police station just on a false complaint of Dowry harassment. Simply because these Gender biased laws were designed in an un-scientific manner without gauging the ground realities. No wonder that these gender biased laws have become the primary reason for the breaking of families.

Off course WCD will wash their hands citing that their mandate is for the benefit of woman and they have nothing to do with welfare of family or protection of family.

Paying salary to wife for house hold work is not heard off even in well developed western countries. By making such anti family laws our great nation should not become a laughing stock in others eye. On a lighter note it can be imagined that Indian embassies in abroad are working overnight to clear VISA applications of women as they can enter India, get married and get paid after marriage.

If we think of our age old family system then we realize that in the olden days we had concept of joint family then over the period of time due to the unscientific and old fashioned gender biased laws the joint families disintegrated and we were left with nuclear family. Now due to such anti family laws which are made in the name of woman empowerment, daughter in laws are not allowing parents in law in the house and in the name of family we are left with husband, wife and children. Now due to these laws, even this structure of family is crumbling. If we think of the age old joint family system, each and every member had duty and responsibility and they performed their duties without any thought of getting paid. If this bizarre proposal of the WCD is accepted then the days is not far off when fathers will start claiming salary from son in old age, mother will start claiming salary from her children, and sisters will ask salary from brothers. Since family is the basic unit of the society hence eventually due to the said proposal first families and consequently society will collapse.

Western nations and other developed nation look upon our great nation as we have a strong family set up. A setup which is based on love and affection and it is due to this strong family setup that our society is strong and solid. Let us not create fixtures and rift in family by such proposals.

In the context of above paragraph, even the thought of payment to wife is highly deplorable because you being Ex governor of reserve bank of India and Ex Finance minister of this country knows very well that payment, loss, profit, revenues etc are the terms used in corporate, business and companies not in the context of family. Let not degrade our family system by comparing it to business. Family is a setup where each and every member has his duty and responsibility and they do it for family not for payment.

Family is a setup where each and every member is safe and secure. Let us not break our age old tested system of FAMILY by talking about such unscientific, unhealthy and absurd laws. In families each and every member has his role, duties and responsibilities clearly defined. Let us not create friction within the family by such proposals.

As has been already discussed that the view taken by WCD is very narrow minded and not keeping in with the changed situation and circumstances of the society. Is WCD going to enact different laws for families in which   husband is unable to work due to medical reasons and wife is the bread earner of the family? One more common scenario nowadays is both husband and wife going for job and earning livelihood for running family. In these kind of scenarios who will pay whom? Now there are also situations where husband is sharing household work, now he will no more be obligated to share the household responsibilities as he would in fact become a customer by paying for domestic chores and wife will be a service provider getting paid for her “services”. This can disturb the harmonious gender relationships in Indian families and even society at large. This proposal ensures that women get money for work. So what will happen to those women who are unable to work due to medical reasons or old age or otherwise?

Now since WCD is hell bent on changing the definition of wife from homemaker to a servant, wife will also be adamant that she will also only match the working hour of husband i.e. 9 am to 6 pm per day and for the remaining hours of work she will demand a maid servant. She may claim overtime if asked to work beyond working hours!! Now since WCD is talking of salary hence wife will demand holiday on Saturday and Sundays. She may also demand rest on national holidays? Does WCD have answer for all these questions? Marriage will be commercialized soon if the wish list of the WCD is implemented. This will further lead to total anarchy and chaos in the society and erosion of our culture. Even the husband will think why to marry and pay the wife for household work. Employing a maid servant would be same as marrying except physical relations. As of now WCD is demanding salary to wife for household work thus relegating her status to a servant. It is unimaginable even to think of a situation if WCD starts demanding money for wife for physical relations. It is even unthinkable even to think what will be status of such wives? Though harsh but the way WCD is fastening the breakup of family probably that day is not very far away.

This proposal will increase gender discrimination by leaps and bounds. In this era of 21st century, when most of the woman is educated, the proposal of WCD that women are only fit for household work is unthinkable to say the least. Over the many decades society has undergone wide positive changes. This proposal will push back the society by few decades.

Over the decades Government of India and state governments have been working towards achieving gender equality They are trying to reduce the discrimination between male and female citizens in various spheres. But, now we are having such a situation where WCD itself is pushing the status of women to servant and that of husband to master. Let WCD realize that the relation of husband and wife is based on love, trust and affection rather that employer and employee OR master and slave.

This proposal from WCD has got wide media coverage. Every national and regional newspaper has covered this news article. A small school going child in my neighborhood also read this in newspaper and she asked me “Uncle, does it mean that women are meant to be servant and doing house work only. If that is so then why we have to study?” She further asked me “Actually I also help my mother in house hold work. Can I also ask salary from my parent?” This indicates that the mindset with which children will be brought up. Female students will think that they are meant to become servant/employee and male student will think that they have to pay wife for every service and they are masters/employer. Let it be house hold work or physical relations or any such thing husband and wife will always think of master and servant relations. This kind of mind set is going to impart complex in the mind of innocent children and instead of getting good education and becoming good and responsible citizens of this country female students will think how much my husband will pay me. I should only select a rich husband to get better pay? and male students will think how much they have to pay to wife? This will lead to further discrimination and inferiority complex in children.

It took many years for the society to churn out in positive direction. This is an era when women are working in multi nationals companies and leading in many spheres of life. This proposal of WCD will reduce marriages as both MEN and WOMEN will think why marriage is required if one partner is to live the life of a servant and other partner has to pay to a wife/servant? The very institution of the marriage has come under attack and threat by this proposal.

If we have any ambition of becoming a great developed nation then we should have laws which are forward looking and progressive in nature. Unfortunately still we are having laws which were made by British for their benefits. Instead of fine tuning the existing laws to make them gender neutral, progressive, WCD is making one after another proposals which will only create further fixtures and conflicts in the family and society.

D E M A N D   OF   N F H S

Let WCD understand that a family set up will collapse by such absurd proposals and it will lead to further discrimination in the society between both genders. Let us make laws so that both genders stay in harmony rather than in conflicts. Let us make laws for the benefit of FAMILY so that everyone member in the FAMILY can reap the benefit of laws. NFHS demands immediate rollback of this proposal in the interest of WOMEN, MEN and FAMILY.


Thanking you Sir

                                                           P Suresh, President, 9880141531,

                  National Family Harmony Society

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