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Extra marital affair ends in suicide, but woman survives


By Pune Mirror Bureau

Posted On Saturday, July 24, 2010 at 10:28:35 PM


The Lohegaon airport police has filed a case of attempted suicide against a woman who tried to kill herself and her lover on Wednesday night. She has now been sent to magisterial custody.

This 26-year-old married woman allegedly tried to commit suicide along with her lover by jumping into quarry filled with water, in Lohegaon.

The man died in this incident, but the woman, somehow survived and was later arrested by Airport police.

Sub Inspector V T Patil of Airport police station who is investigating the case said, “The man who died was identified as Vikas Pawar. The 26-year-old woman is married and has two children.

They were in love with each other since 1998 but their families did not agree to their relationship. Even after she got married, their affair ensued.

Eventually, when they couldn’t carry forth with the extra-marital status of their affair, they decided to end their lives.”

Narrating the incident, Patil, added, “On Wednesday night the woman eloped with Pawar and at around 11.30 pm they went to a quarry in Lohegaon. They both jumped into the water but the woman was trapped in the bushes.

She hung on to it all night long, while Pawar fell in the water and died. On Thursday morning some local residents found her dangling from the branches and they rescued her and handed her over to the police.”

Patil said, “Later the woman was arrested for attempted suicide, and has been remanded to magisterial attempt to commit a suicide case and she has been remanded Magisterial Custody.”

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