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Public Intrest Litigation – PIL in Karnatak High Court regarding misuse of multiple provisions of maintenence to wives


W.P. No.9186/2010(PIL)


P.Suresh and another                                           . . . . Petitioners


Union of India and others                                              . . . . Respondents



          The petitioner’s society is registered under Karnataka Societies Registration Act, 1960 (Karnataka Act No.17 of 1960). The aims and objectives of the society are to promote family harmony in society and to create awareness for gender equal society. The petitioner’s society is mainly fighting against the women who are misusing the laws which made for the needy women.

          The petitioner’s society has launched its branch in Bangalore in the year 2005 but registered the same in the year 2009. Petitioner’s society has conducted candle march to protest against women centric laws which are being misused by the women. Petitioner’s society has given several press conferences wherein it has been clearly stated that they are fighting against the misuse of law.

          The present petition is filed to give appropriate directions to the central governments to take appropriate steps to mandate law commission to study how the maintenance laws can be simplified and to put an end to multiple maintenance practice.

Bangalore                                                             Party-in-person


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Dear Victim Brothers, As some of you are aware that Family Harmony Society is in the process of filing a PIL in the High Court of Karnataka on the issue of Multiple Maintenance. As you are aware that wife in case of matrimonial dispute with husband has the option to claim maintenance from various laws and Acts. We have listed them below.

  1. Domestic violence Acts
  2. Hindu Marriage Act
  3. CrPC 125
  4. The Hindu Adoptions and Maintenance Act

As you are aware that for the success of any PIL following are the important ingredients

  1. Issue should be of public interest involving large citizens
  2. Citizens had approached appropriate authorities and failed to get relief or justice
  3. There should be sufficient data to convince the judges that the matter is of grave importance
  4. Judges should be convinced that it needs urgent attention
  5. If not addressed by High Court using their Extra Ordinary powers it will result in continued miscarriage of justice.  

In this context we need your support, help, advice and co-operation. Support us for the PIL regarding Multiple Maintenance provisions for wife in case of matrimonial dispute. It is very simply. You need to complete three steps shown in the table.

Sl No Subject Link Who can complete this step  
1 Multiple maintenance data Only Husbands who are victim of multiple maintenance  
2 Survey All citizens  
3 I-Petition All citizens  


MM Database   Survey   Ipetition   date ipetition survey mm data
 Ahmedabad 1   Abhu Dhabi 1   Total 201   4-Jan-10 15 10 5
Ankola 1   Allhabad 1         5-Jan-10 34 29 15
bangalore 13   Amrawati 1         6-Jan-10 65 55 23
bilaspur 1   Ahmemadabad 2         7-Jan-10 87 69 25
calcutta 1   Bangalore 57         8-Jan-10 98 83 27
Chennai 1   Bellary 2         8-Jan-10 108 90 27
Delhi 3   Calcutta 1         9-Jan-10 110 95 28
faridabad 1   Chennai 8         10-Jan-10 112 99 28
hyderabad 1   Delhi 16         11-Jan-10 114 105 29
Kadapa 1   Dubai 1         12-Jan-10 127 119 30
Mumbai 1   Faridabad 2         13-Jan-10 151 129 32
panchukala 1   Kolam 1         14-Jan-10 161 134 32
unknown 4   Erode 4         15-Jan-10 165 136 33
Lucknow 1   Gurgoan 1         16-Jan-10 186 140 34
Vizag 1   Ghaziyabad 3         17-Jan-10 192 153 35
                  18-Jan-10 201 157 36
KanpurRopar  1


  Hyderabad 19                
Total 36   Indore 1                
      JaipurMohali 11                
  Karimnagar 1                
  Karwar 1                
  Lucknow 4                
  Ludhina 1                
      Mumbai 5                
      Nagoan 1                
      Noida 4                
      Pune 9                
      Rajpara(Punjab) 1                
      Shimla 1                
      ShimlaDavengere 11                

Abhu Dhabi



      Total 157                


The survey, ipetition and victim detail will form the basis of PIL data. Please fill them in large numbers. Apart from the above you can dothe following.

  1. File petitions to various ministries regarding Multiple Maintenance and get their response. You can use the following templates and send us the replies from the ministry. We have few response but we need more.
    1. RTI – CJI – Double maintenance –
    2. RTI – CJKarnataka – Double maintenance –
    3.  RTI – LAW – Double maintenance – legal affair dept –
    4. RTI – LAW – Double maintenance – legislative dept –
  2. Write your thoughts to us. Our target for this PIL is January 2010 hoping that we archive the target of 500+ for ipetition by that time.
  3. In this regard we are getting in touch with the leaders of the local chapters.
  4. We have already enlisted the crucial support of Virag from Bangalore, Manoj from Chennai/Bangalore, DS Rao Calcutta, Niladri from Delhi. We will keep updating the leaders who are supporting this from various states. Apart from this we are reaching out to Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Kanpur, Coimbotare chapters and other like minded NGOs.  

P Suresh, President, Family Harmony Society – 09880141531

M Mahesh, General Secretary, Family Harmony Society – 09845448472 – Doing our bit in fight to “Legal terror”

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