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NFHS strongly condemns WCD proposal re salary to housewife…Petition sent to PM…

To,                                                                                                                                                                                                          29th September 2012 / Bangalore

Honorable Prime Minister of India,

Prime Minister’s Office, Room No: 148 B,

South Block, New Delhi – 110001

Subject: Regarding unscientific proposal by Women and Child Welfare Ministry regarding salary to housewives for household work.

About National Family Harmony Society®: “National Family Harmony Society®” NFHS is a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) promoting the cause of “family harmony” and “gender equality”. It is registered under “The Karnataka Societies Registration Act, 1960” and is based in Bangalore. We have branches in more than 16 states and in abroad too. We have approximately 16000 members all over India. To know more about us please visit www.family-harmony.org / www.498a.org.in / https://498amisuse.wordpress.com


The entire nation has been watching in horror, dismay and shock the recent proposal from the Ministry of Women and Child Development that it will be mandatory for husbands to pay salary for housewives for household work. Such bizarre thoughts and horrible proposal from WCD is a result of viewing women from a prism, which cannot see anything but only wives. We are particularly using the word wives as the said ministry has lost sight of other women like mother and sisters.

By making such a proposal wherein the said ministry has proposed salary for doing household work to wife, they have degraded the value of Indian wife. Only a servant is paid for doing household work. In this country where a woman is worshiped as goddess, the said ministry has degraded the values of a woman from goddess to servant. It is really pity on them that they are actually comparing a wife to servant and asking husbands to pay for it. Has our Indian woman’s value degraded so much that they need salary for performing the duties and responsibilities towards their family? Can we imagine what could have happened, if our mother had asked salary from our father? This thought is so bizarre even to think off.

Has the said ministry understood the family system of our great nation? Probably not!! Because as the name of the ministry suggest that it is only ministry of women and child welfare!! They have nothing to do with family or family welfare. The said ministry cannot see anything beyond woman (Read wife as they have nothing to offer for the benefit and welfare of mothers and sisters) and in the process by making such laws and proposals in the name of woman welfare, actually they are destroying the age old tested and proven family system of India.

It is an open secret that current woman welfare laws designed by the said ministry e.g. 498A IPC, Domestic violence Act, Hindi Marriage Act etc has accelerated the process of family disintegration. These existing laws which are gender biased, in favor of woman, has been the single most factor for conflicts and breaking of families. Concerned and alarmed over the rapid pace of the disintegration of families and the courts being flooded with divorce petitions, a vacation Bench of Supreme Court, Justices Arijit Pasayat and G S Singhvi observed that “The Hindu Marriages Act has broken more homes than uniting,” “Even at the time of marriages, anticipatory divorce petitions are being filed,” the Bench remarked sarcastically.

The misuse of the gender biased laws such as 498A IPC, Domestic violence Act is an open secret. It has become a fashion to drag the entire innocent family to court and police station just on a false complaint of Dowry harassment. Simply because these Gender biased laws were designed in an un-scientific manner without gauging the ground realities. No wonder that these gender biased laws have become the primary reason for the breaking of families.

Off course WCD will wash their hands citing that their mandate is for the benefit of woman and they have nothing to do with welfare of family or protection of family.

Paying salary to wife for house hold work is not heard off even in well developed western countries. By making such anti family laws our great nation should not become a laughing stock in others eye. On a lighter note it can be imagined that Indian embassies in abroad are working overnight to clear VISA applications of women as they can enter India, get married and get paid after marriage.

If we think of our age old family system then we realize that in the olden days we had concept of joint family then over the period of time due to the unscientific and old fashioned gender biased laws the joint families disintegrated and we were left with nuclear family. Now due to such anti family laws which are made in the name of woman empowerment, daughter in laws are not allowing parents in law in the house and in the name of family we are left with husband, wife and children. Now due to these laws, even this structure of family is crumbling. If we think of the age old joint family system, each and every member had duty and responsibility and they performed their duties without any thought of getting paid. If this bizarre proposal of the WCD is accepted then the days is not far off when fathers will start claiming salary from son in old age, mother will start claiming salary from her children, and sisters will ask salary from brothers. Since family is the basic unit of the society hence eventually due to the said proposal first families and consequently society will collapse.

Western nations and other developed nation look upon our great nation as we have a strong family set up. A setup which is based on love and affection and it is due to this strong family setup that our society is strong and solid. Let us not create fixtures and rift in family by such proposals.

In the context of above paragraph, even the thought of payment to wife is highly deplorable because you being Ex governor of reserve bank of India and Ex Finance minister of this country knows very well that payment, loss, profit, revenues etc are the terms used in corporate, business and companies not in the context of family. Let not degrade our family system by comparing it to business. Family is a setup where each and every member has his duty and responsibility and they do it for family not for payment.

Family is a setup where each and every member is safe and secure. Let us not break our age old tested system of FAMILY by talking about such unscientific, unhealthy and absurd laws. In families each and every member has his role, duties and responsibilities clearly defined. Let us not create friction within the family by such proposals.

As has been already discussed that the view taken by WCD is very narrow minded and not keeping in with the changed situation and circumstances of the society. Is WCD going to enact different laws for families in which   husband is unable to work due to medical reasons and wife is the bread earner of the family? One more common scenario nowadays is both husband and wife going for job and earning livelihood for running family. In these kind of scenarios who will pay whom? Now there are also situations where husband is sharing household work, now he will no more be obligated to share the household responsibilities as he would in fact become a customer by paying for domestic chores and wife will be a service provider getting paid for her “services”. This can disturb the harmonious gender relationships in Indian families and even society at large. This proposal ensures that women get money for work. So what will happen to those women who are unable to work due to medical reasons or old age or otherwise?

Now since WCD is hell bent on changing the definition of wife from homemaker to a servant, wife will also be adamant that she will also only match the working hour of husband i.e. 9 am to 6 pm per day and for the remaining hours of work she will demand a maid servant. She may claim overtime if asked to work beyond working hours!! Now since WCD is talking of salary hence wife will demand holiday on Saturday and Sundays. She may also demand rest on national holidays? Does WCD have answer for all these questions? Marriage will be commercialized soon if the wish list of the WCD is implemented. This will further lead to total anarchy and chaos in the society and erosion of our culture. Even the husband will think why to marry and pay the wife for household work. Employing a maid servant would be same as marrying except physical relations. As of now WCD is demanding salary to wife for household work thus relegating her status to a servant. It is unimaginable even to think of a situation if WCD starts demanding money for wife for physical relations. It is even unthinkable even to think what will be status of such wives? Though harsh but the way WCD is fastening the breakup of family probably that day is not very far away.

This proposal will increase gender discrimination by leaps and bounds. In this era of 21st century, when most of the woman is educated, the proposal of WCD that women are only fit for household work is unthinkable to say the least. Over the many decades society has undergone wide positive changes. This proposal will push back the society by few decades.

Over the decades Government of India and state governments have been working towards achieving gender equality They are trying to reduce the discrimination between male and female citizens in various spheres. But, now we are having such a situation where WCD itself is pushing the status of women to servant and that of husband to master. Let WCD realize that the relation of husband and wife is based on love, trust and affection rather that employer and employee OR master and slave.

This proposal from WCD has got wide media coverage. Every national and regional newspaper has covered this news article. A small school going child in my neighborhood also read this in newspaper and she asked me “Uncle, does it mean that women are meant to be servant and doing house work only. If that is so then why we have to study?” She further asked me “Actually I also help my mother in house hold work. Can I also ask salary from my parent?” This indicates that the mindset with which children will be brought up. Female students will think that they are meant to become servant/employee and male student will think that they have to pay wife for every service and they are masters/employer. Let it be house hold work or physical relations or any such thing husband and wife will always think of master and servant relations. This kind of mind set is going to impart complex in the mind of innocent children and instead of getting good education and becoming good and responsible citizens of this country female students will think how much my husband will pay me. I should only select a rich husband to get better pay? and male students will think how much they have to pay to wife? This will lead to further discrimination and inferiority complex in children.

It took many years for the society to churn out in positive direction. This is an era when women are working in multi nationals companies and leading in many spheres of life. This proposal of WCD will reduce marriages as both MEN and WOMEN will think why marriage is required if one partner is to live the life of a servant and other partner has to pay to a wife/servant? The very institution of the marriage has come under attack and threat by this proposal.

If we have any ambition of becoming a great developed nation then we should have laws which are forward looking and progressive in nature. Unfortunately still we are having laws which were made by British for their benefits. Instead of fine tuning the existing laws to make them gender neutral, progressive, WCD is making one after another proposals which will only create further fixtures and conflicts in the family and society.

D E M A N D   OF   N F H S

Let WCD understand that a family set up will collapse by such absurd proposals and it will lead to further discrimination in the society between both genders. Let us make laws so that both genders stay in harmony rather than in conflicts. Let us make laws for the benefit of FAMILY so that everyone member in the FAMILY can reap the benefit of laws. NFHS demands immediate rollback of this proposal in the interest of WOMEN, MEN and FAMILY.


Thanking you Sir

                                                           P Suresh, President, 9880141531,

                  National Family Harmony Society

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