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Letter Campaign to amend DV Act to prevent its heavy misuse and punish those who are misusing DV Act

Dear all, Government (WCD) is working out in the background to amend DV Act. Please the below link…


This is the best time for all those who think that DV Act is misused to start writing their views, thoughts, suggestions and recommendations to the Government…

NFHS as usual has already written to the WCD its views and demands….Please see the below link…


Why writing to the government is important???

Writing to the Government is very important else they will never come to know about the misuse. Letters received by the Government is the bench mark for them before they start any process of law amendment…

Please see the below link…..


Where the minister says that….” The Minister said a large number of complaints and representations alleging misuse of the Act had been received”

It is clear that once they receive large number of complaints then they start the process of law amendment.

How to write to Government?

It is simpler than you thought…You can have a look at the NFHS Memo above. You necessarily need not write so many points. All you can do is write 2 or 3 pages with….

* Your experience…

* How it is misused…

* What changes you want…


Your letter to government can have demands e.g.

* Remove protection officer in DV Act…He is always biased to Wife…

* No interim maintenance till allegations are proved…

* Dont accept DV Petition if already HMA25/CrPC 125 is pending…

* There should be a limit on the upper maintenance…



As usual kindly don’t reply to mails saying “this demand is not correct”…”That demand is correct”…”This is what we should demand”…”that we should not demand”!!

Because demanding in the yahoo group is not going to change the law…

Remember….Each letter sent to the Government matters…

I have written to Government already…Had YOU?


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  1. Dr R. S. Chaudhary
    August 8, 2011 at 7:28 am

    The heavy misuse of DV act in the country is leading to terrorism in the families and causing irreparable losses to the innocent victims especially the males of India who are the only target wether it is in the name of DV act, women empowerment,498A, DPA etc. Its worth reviewing sir that a man is always considered a very good person as a brother, a father, a son, a boy friend, an uncle, but as soon as he becomes a husband he is designated a criminal, a cheater, an ATM machine etc. It is really a great partiality with the males(especially husbands)whose all human rights are thrown into dustbin by the democratic set up architectured by the present government without any human concern for the Indian males community who have sacrificed their lives for the women and families voluntarily.However, few forgotten women are also the victims of these draconian laws through their misuse (by BAHOOS)especially when they are mothers and sisters of the husband. Millions of males too are victims of domestic violence by their wives. Dont u think they too need protection from various gender biased laws. DV is a slow poison to strategically kill indian males. The leaders passing/amending these laws need to deeply contemplate that time is not far when their own kith and kin (males) shall become victim of the misuse of these laws. May be some young unmarried politicians face the wrath of the misuse of DV/498,in the time to come when they get married. Plese…….. Abolish DV to protect sons of India.

  2. Mohan Ram
    August 9, 2011 at 12:29 pm

    can you also post the email ID & postal address of WCD ? where we can send our views.

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