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Media or public has no right to conduct trials…Trial by media is violation of human rights…

<<<<Delhi gang rape: Constable injured during Sunday’s protest at India Gate dies>>>>

This poor constable was brutally beaten up by unruly mobs…..Is he not a human being? No one speaks up for him……It is sad that people are driven by media channels who are just interested in TRP’s…Who are playing with emotions of people because in this country a crime against a lady evokes emotions… Whereas a crime against a man (even no one seems no bother about the boy friend seriously injured with the girl) is acceptable.

1)      http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Farmers%27_suicides_in_India Did the TV channels ever bother about the suicide by farmers….Did they ever ran 24X7 campaign for this issue? Did people in Delhi ever protested for the farmers dying out of hunger?


2)      http://ibnlive.in.com/news/all-let-off-in-nisha-sharma-dowry-case-after-9-years/235004-3.html Did people ever protested when it was found that Nisha Sharma has falsely implicated an entire family on false charges of dowry and sent them to jail for years and the entire family was found to be innocent and it was found that Nisha Sharma has leveled baseless, false allegations against the entire family. Why people of Delhi did not protest? That incident happened in Ghajiyabad just in the vicinity of Delhi.


3)      http://www.mid-day.com/news/2009/jun/210609-Zoya-two-month-old-girl-anticipatory-bail-dowry-harrassment-case-youngest-accused-Mumbai-news.htm Why the people of this country do not protest when a small 2 month baby was falsely named in FIR and made to suffer? Why the emotions of the people are not stirred in such cases?


4)      http://ibnlive.in.com/news/mumbai-woman-kills-chops-her-husbands-body-into-11-pieces/311046-3-237.html Why the people of this country did not protest on such a gruesome murder by wife? Worst in this case is the wife murdered husband when he found that his wife was in illicit relation. Why the emotion of the people was not stirred? Why they kept quite and did not lay seize of India gate?


5)      http://www.allvoices.com/contributed-news/9658235-woman-poisons-husband-chops-off-his-penis-then-flushes-it-down-garbage-disposal Why people of this country did not march towards Raisana Hills and 10 Janpath? Why they kept quite? Is the pain of a man whose genitals has been chopped off less painful than a woman being raped?


6)      http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2012-12-11/chennai/35748963_1_mohammedan-law-mansoor-ali-khan-trial-court This lady harassed mansoor ali khan for 16 years and he was in jail on false charges by lady. Why people did not caught this lady and punish her on the streets. This person suffered a significant portion of his life running behind courts and was in jail for no fault of his. Where were the people then?


Why people were not hurt and did not feel anger in all the above cases? Because a crime against a man is accepted in this country… It is “Chalta Hai” attitude of the people….A penis chopped off of a man is a matter of amusement and fun for the public but a rape of a woman is a matter of venting frustration on the streets.


Looking from another angle to this issue….What the protestors want? If by their logic that accused who are arrested must be hanged…….If this logic is accepted then there is no need for courts. If all the accused arrested by the police are criminals then where is the need of the courts. Because in this country police does not do their jobs properly and arrests anyone to release pressure on them…that’s why there is the criminal justice system…..because 100’s of criminals can be let off but one innocent person should not be punished….


Media or public has no right to conduct trials…Trial by media is violation of human rights…


Wah…Indian Public Wah…No wonder Justice Katju said that “90 % people of this country are Idiots”.


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  1. December 26, 2012 at 3:19 am

    Hindi main ek kahawat hai. Jab village mein bache ke saaath durghatna hoti hai to maa se zaada chudail roti hai. These people making noise are all devils in disguise just hogging for lime light. Yes of course the culprits should be punished. Unke sir pe pyaar se haath pherne ka iraada to mera bhi naheen hai. But indulging in hooliganism, pleading for death penalty etc is not the answer. Rights and duties go hand in hand. You have a right to salary, its your duty to work for the organization of which you are an employee. Similiarly you have a right to live its your duty to respect others right to live. If you don’t and kill ( like Kasab ) then you can be hanged. Rape is not killing you cant have death penalty for rape. For dowry also people made noise and result IPC 498 a disaster.
    Some woman have made this law their business by trapping NRIs. Next rape law will be the upcoming business. Yeh pandava ki fauj khadi to ho gaye dushasan ka lahoo peen eke liye lekin dar hai ki pandav kaurav yudh mein kaheen Surpnakha baazi na maar jaye

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