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Just Married: Have You Applied For Bail?

Dear all,

Finally the book is out!!!

“Just Married: Have You Applied For Bail?”

Published by one of the largest publisher in India LeadStart Publishing Pvt Ltd. As of now it is available in Crossword online. Soon I will post the links of other leading online portals. The intention of writing this book was never to make profit and hence I have kept the price at 125/- to ensure that it reaches the hands of large number of people. Requesting everyone to make it popular by liking the below facebook link. The book will be available in the leading book stores in 6-8 weeks.


Back Cover Blurb
Marrying and applying for bail to avoid jail!! Confused, puzzled and shocked….Isn’t it? But that’s the truth about modern day marriages in India. Husbands are landing in jails after marriage and spend the most productive part of their lives fighting numerous false court cases in a failed marriage. This is a true story of a bright, talented and ambitious software engineer and his parents in Bangalore who are victims of the matrimonial laws of this country which are totally biased in favour of women. It is also a reflection of the current state of Indian society where, in the name of laws, the complete institution of marriage is being challenged and degraded. A touching story which must be read by everyone who is married and particularly by those who are recently married or planning to marry.

Thiagarajan (Actor/Director & Producer) & Prashanth (Actor)

“Dowry law misuse is increasing by each day and many innocents are being jailed on false allegations of dowry demand. This Novel is an excellent attempt by Author to create awareness about misuse of dowry law. A must read by all who are married or about to marry…”

Suhaib Iliyasi – Bollywood Writer, Producer, Director & the host of India’s first reality TV show, “India’s Most Wanted”.“


Although the unfortunate death of my school friend Syed Makhdoom compelled me to make this feature film, however It is indeed Author’s website http://www.498a.org.in from where I drew inspiration to create most of the real life characters for the film, ‘498a-The Wedding Gift’. I recommend that this book is a must read for all regardless of age, gender or religion”

Kindly visit this page and like it…



You can order it online from here…




Suresh P
Bangalore HelpLine-09880141531,9731569970

I blog at :https://498amisuse.wordpress.com/
NGO Website :http://498a.org.in/
NGO Website :http://family-harmony.org/
Facebook profile:http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/profile.php?id=1826352350
Awareness on FB :http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/groups/216895415013287/?ap=1
Twitter :http://twitter.com/#!/psuresh29

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“Just Married: Have You Applied For Bail?” lists in the Top New Releases in Books at Flipkart.com!!!!


Have you booked your copy!!!!


Support the cause if you are a victim of Gender Biased Laws.
Special mention to Arghya Dutta and MRA venugopal for ordering 5 copies each for distribution.
And special thanks to all those who have ordered copies of the book.

Let us all work to make it a best seller.
You can order 5 copies each for distributing to friends, collegues etc. . .

Thanks and Regards
Suresh P-Bangalore HelpLine-9880141531

Please open the below link and click the LIKE for the page

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