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Review of revolution 2020

Review of revolution 2020

Just finished reading novel Revolution 2020.

Since the book has already sold millions of copies hence my review is irrelevant. I don’t think Chetan will at all to even have a look what is my review but I need to be honest whether he likes it or not. Revolution 2020 consists of three parts;

Part1 beginning: realistic, romantic, believable,

Part2: Middle: Heavy but realistic and still believable,

Part3: Ending: Unrealistic and unexpected and Untrue and Unfair and unjustified and you can fill in the blanks J

If a story has a sad or tragic or bad ending then it’s not at all an issue. Off course, every love story cannot succeed but if a story’s end is unrealistic way then it hurts you that you have wasted two days of your time and money. It seems that author has kept the cheque he is going to receive from UTV for the bollywood version than to give a reasonable, true, fair, believable and realistic ending. I read somewhere that Chetan has given the book before publishing to some test readers and they all said it is fine. Off course when you are a person of Chetan Bhagat’s stature, then no one is going to say that your book is bad. I really wish he could have given this before publication to some real and genuine critics.

In the end, Gopal not able to marry Arti, is not at all an issue but the reason why he scarified is most stupid and not at all beliavble. I am not saying that people do not scarified their love but if we go to the Part 1, which shows the intense love of Gopal for Arti. Gopal lives and dies for Arti. That being the situation, to tell the readers that Gopal scarified Arti for that stupid reason…..and the way he scarified……Come on Chetan….Just because you have a loyal readership does not mean that they will remain loyal to you if this the way you start writing…

When I started reading the novel then I could not stop it. The writers writing style is unique. He can describe the characters and situation which can be done by rarest of rare writers. His writing style, flow etc are unique. But there are off course some blunders/errors which I am not sure why they have been left out. I thought the test readers should have pointed them out. Those kinds of Errors can be ignored in a Bollywood movies but not in a Novel.

The DM’s family were shown to be residing from many years in Varanasi and then he become DM and continued to get posting in Varanasi. Any person with a basic know how of government will laugh at this and particularly in IAS or in even in state service that never happens.

Raghav’s character was shown to be of a person to bring change not because of his honesty but because of his passion for Journalism but in the end he is shown fighting for election? Strange is’ny it? Probable Author was exhausted at the end wanted to finish it and forgot this point.

Tell me one person on this earth who is madly in love with a girl and goes to the extent of sleeping with her not once but twice but then gives up another boy?? Sir?? At least not in our countryJ

Ending is painful but that’s is not a concern it is abrupt.

If a person loves someone like Gopal loved then he will never do such a thing which will hurt the lover. If Gopal really wanted to make Arti with Raghav then simply he could have got out of her life but he hurted her, No person will do that. Its not at all beliable and looks so stupid

I am sure even die hard CB fan would have disappointed. Title gives an impression that it’s about a revolution but CB also knows that he can sell the novel to Bollywood only if Love part is in more prominence. Off course when you start writing for money than for FIGHTING OR EXPOSING CORRUPTION then you have to write keeping in mind the cheque you are going to receive than your original style.

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