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Manju slams ban, offers Nikita a role

BANGALORE: If one door closes, another opens. Actress Nikita can vouch for this.
Criticizing the decision of the Karnataka Film Producers’ Association, noted producer K Manju offered her the lead of the leading lady in his next film.
”The association decision is wrong. If I’d been at the Sunday meeting, I’d have opposed it tooth and nail. I’ve spoken to association office-bearers and conveyed my opinion,” he said.
Manju feels artistes shouldn’t be banned, for their career in tinsel town is short. ”If Nikita wants to act, I’ll be glad to offer her a role,” he said.
Ambareesh the arbitrator
Kannada cinema’s arbitrator and president of Karnataka Film Artistes’ Association MH Ambareesh is the man Nikita and her sympathisers are looking at with hope.
After the arrest of Darshan on Saturday for allegedly assaulting his wife Vijayalakshmi, Ambareesh intervened and tried to advise her to withdraw the complaint. He’s currently in Malaysia with his wife Sumalatha.
Once he returns, artistes will request him to mediate. Nikita too plans to come to Bangalore and meet him. Many times in the past, Ambareesh has successfully resolved many crises. The last time Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce imposed a ban, actor Ramya was at the receiving end. Ambareesh mediated and resolved the problem.


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