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Shriver to gain $350m in divorce!

Maria Shriver, who filed for divorce from actor Arnold Schwarzenegger this month, is likely to walk away with more than $300 million.

Shriver, who was married to Schwarzenegger for over 25-years, filed for divorce from the actor-politician after it was revealed that he cheated on her and fathered a love child with the house keeper. The couple have four children.

A settlement agreement has been under discussion for months between lawyers for Schwarzenegger and his soon-to-be ex-wife, RadarOnline reported.

Under California law, all assets obtained during the marriage are split 50/50. The ‘Terminator’ star is said to be worth between $500 and $700 million which means that Shriver could walk away with up to $350 million or more. “Arnold realizes he is to blame for the collapse of his marriage. Maria was a loving wife and mother, and he doesn’t think that any amount of money can minimize what he has put her through,” a source told the website.


“He wants to do the right thing, and go above and beyond what is required of him under the law. This is going to be a very amicable divorce, and it won’t be played out in the media. Neither one of them wants that. Arnold hasn’t lost his mind, he is going to be giving away his fortune to her. He wants to show his children that he is taking responsibility for his actions,” the source added.

The couple is likely to settle for joint physical custody of their minor sons Patrick, 17 and Christopher, 13.


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