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Women asked to keep watch on hubbies to fight graft

PONDA: To fight the menace of corruption in the state and country, Marathi novelist Madhavi Desai has appealed to women to keep a close watch on their husbands and question them about the gifts received by them or the source of money used to purchase expensive things on special occasions. This will definitely go a long way in curbing corruption to a good extent, she said.

Desai was addressing a large meeting convened in solidarity with veteran social activist Anna Hazare in his fight against corruption. The public meeting organized on Thursday by India against corruption (IAC) at Kranti Maidan in Ponda was attended by over a thousand people despite rains.

Alleging that Goan politicians have 49,000 crore in Swiss banks, senior ST leader Babuso Gaonkar said that the money belongs to 14 lakh Goans. “If calculated, it amounts to 3.5 lakh of each Goan citizen,” Gaonkar said.

Samsher Khan, a lecturer in GVM’s higher secondary school, Ponda, said that India’s GDP (gross domestic product) is 70 lakh crore. However, quoting a statement of late prime minister Rajiv Gandhi, he said only 10% of the GDP is being used for the development of the country and the remaining goes to feed the demon of corruption. Earlier, in the morning, about 3,000 students from different higher secondary schools and colleges took out a rally across Ponda town.


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