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NRI hid income, court tells him to pay Rs 70L alimony

NEW DELHI: A wealthy NRI banker dumped his wife and child and then concealed his income to pay a paltry alimony. Now, he has been caught in the act. And his wife has finally got justice from the court. The Delhi high court has ordered him to pay a maintenance of Rs 70 lakh to end the matrimonial tussle. The banker is a vice-president of a Dubai-based multinational bank.

Justice Ajit Bharihoke of the Delhi High Court summoned the banker to Delhi and took an undertaking from him to settle the matter and pay the amount.

The marital discord began in 2008, eight years after the wedding. The banker’s wife approached the lower court with a complaint of domestic violence. She told the court she was deserted by her husband and forced to return to India from Dubai.

Earlier, the court granted a maintenance to the woman at the rate of Rs 80,000 a month. The banker then filed an appeal and had the alimony lowered to Rs 30,000 a month. He pleaded that since his wife was staying with her parents, she did not require money for her housing.

Then the NRI’s estranged wife moved the high court. Her lawyer, Prabhjit Jauhar pleaded that the lower court had ignored the fact that the banker had failed to produce his employer’s certificate and was concealing his income to avoid paying higher alimony. The high court took cognizance and asked the banker to file his employer certificate, including perks and bonuses, accrued by him every year. The order came in December last year. When he failed to abide by the court’s order, he was summoned.

He told the court that his employer would not be issuing a certificate. But the court was keen that his deserted wife is not robbed of her rights. The bench then permitted her to approach the bank directly for the employer’s certificate and asked the banker to file his statement of accounts for the years 2008, 2009 and 2010. He was also told to file a statement on bonus, he received during this period.

Finally, in a hearing held inside the judge’s chamber, the couple arrived at a settlement. The banker agreed to pay the alimony of Rs 70 lakh on condition that all cases against him was withdrawn. The consent terms were also filed. He agreed to pay Rs 25 lakh on the First Motion and Rs 25 lakh on the Second Motion of divorce. The balance will be paid within one and a half years. In the meantime, a sum of Rs 7,500 a month would be paid to his minor daughter.


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  1. 498aMisUseVictim
    August 10, 2011 at 11:39 am

    Terrible…. It has become a sin to marry in India. For woman it’s has become a ‘lifetime’ lottery. Once married, however crook a woman is, she is guaranteed by Government of India to not to have work & earn for life. She would get access to a free ATM machine labelled ‘husband’ who would work hard to earn for her so that he is able to maintain a grand status of living. She just has to misuse some laws like 498s, DV etc. which are tailored made for this purpose only. Wow .. go India go …

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