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Boy rushes to dad in Bangalore custody battle

BANGALORE: It was a battle for the custody of a four-year-old boy. While the mother complained that her ex-husband was not letting her to even talk to her son, the boy clung to the father during the hearing in the high court on Thursday.

In the end, the division bench headed by Justice N Ananda asked the authorities to counsel all the three at the Makkala Sahayavani (childline) to find a solution and adjourned the hearing to August 12.

“I have never seen a child turn away from its mother. You have to make up your mind with a hard heart. We cannot pass an order and hand over the child in such a situation,” the bench observed after the boy rushed to his father’s arms.
The mother complained to the court that her ex-husband had changed the sim card 10 times and was not letting her talk to her son.

Vaishnavi (name changed) has filed a habeas corpus petition claiming that her Delhi based ex-husband kidnapped her son on July 15. She had married in Libya in April 2006 and the same was registered in Bangalore in September 2006. The boy was born in March 2007. After learning that her husband had married before, Vaishnavi filed a complaint against him.


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