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Delhi to make registration of marriages must

NEW DELHI: The Sheila Dikshit government has cleared a draft Bill that will make marriage registration mandatory for all newly married couples in the capital. The Delhi Registration of Marriage Bill 2007 also provides for a penalty of Rs 1,000 on those who do not register their marriage within 60 days.

The move comes as a belated follow-up to a Supreme Court direction to the Centre and states on marriage registration . In 2006, the court had observed how women deserted by their husbands were left in the lurch as they did not have any official document to show that the marriage had been solemnized.
Penalty to be slapped if no registration

Marriage without registration will now invite penalty of Rs 1,000. A meeting of the Delhi cabinet presided by Dikshit approved the Bill which will now be sent to the Union home ministry for approval. Once cleared by the ministry, the Bill will be tabled in the Delhi Assembly. Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka and Himachal Pradesh have already made marriage registration compulsory.

The draft Bill is being brought in to ensure that deserted women get financial help and custody of children from their estranged husbands . Chief minister Dikshit told TOI that the Bill has been drafted in a way such that registration rules do not come in the way of personal laws of different communities. Couples who register under personal laws which provide for registration of marriages need not register again.

“A law for compulsory registration is important in view of rising cases of unscrupulous men deserted their wives. The new legislation seeks to make women legally secure,” Revenue minister A K Walia said.


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  1. August 2, 2011 at 10:29 am

    Does Sheila Dikshit government have an answer for those women who desert their husbands on their will for petty reasons and inspite of being capable of earning file false cases to extort money and claim maintenance. Such feminists views are not accepted as they supports the breaking of families. It is not a rarity now-a-days of women filing false casesonly with sole intention of money-making.

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