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Jealous man kills ‘unfaithful’ lover

Sees condoms in her house, kills her in a fit of rage. Steals gold items to cover his tracks, but is run down by cops


Manjunath L Hanji


Posted On Thursday, July 07, 2011 at 06:48:57 AM

A heap of used condoms lying around in her house enraged her paramour, who bashed her head in with an iron rod. He tried to cover his tracks by removing cash and jewellery from the house, but a jeweller’s tip-off proved his undoing.

Rajamma (40), a resident of Kumaraswamy Layout, had shifted to Subramanyapura after her husband Basavareddy died following a cardiac arrest seven months ago. She was a habitual drunkard and had multiple partners, each of whom thought he was the only one.

suspicions aroused
Pillareddy, a civil contractor and one of her paramours, would help her with money and would exhort her to quit drinking, but to little avail. On May 29, he came over and found Rajamma in an inebriated state. He looked into one of the rooms and was taken aback to see a heap of condoms lying around. Not one for using condoms himself, his suspicions were aroused.

A verbal altercation ensued, and in a fit of rage he hit her on the head with an iron rod, killing her on the spot. In a funk, he first thought of shifting the body but then changed tack and removed cash and gold items from the house, thinking it would look like a murder for gain.

Pillareddy sold the gold items to jewellers, and the Subramanyapura cops were able to nab him on July 3 after a tip-off by a jewellery shop owner.

The police have recovered all the stolen items, worth Rs 2.5 lakh, and have sent him to judicial custody. They have learnt that Rajamma had six partners and kept each one in the dark about the others.

DCP (South) Sonia Narang said, “She was a habitual drunkard and had multiple partners. Pillareddy, one of her paramours, was enraged and killed her. He tried to throw us off the track by stealing the gold items and making it look like murder for gain.”


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  1. satish
    July 8, 2011 at 11:39 pm

    the female deadlier than the male thing and a violent scene in the end. good post suresh

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