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HC: Even if wife leaves matrimonial home on her own she is eligible for maintenence




Bhavesh Gangwani Vs. State of Rajasthan & Anr.

(S.B. Criminal Misc. Petition No.495/2011)

S.B. Criminal Misc. Petition under Section 482 Cr.P.C.

Date of Order :- March 04, 2011



Mr.Peush Nag, for the petitioner.

Ms.Alka Bhatnagar, Public Prosecutor.


The petitioner has challenged the order dated 11.10.2010, passed by the learned Judicial Magistrate (First Class) No.3, Ajmer, whereby the learned Magistrate had granted an interim maintenance of Rs.2,000/- p.m. under the Provisions of Domestic Violence Act, 2005 (‘the Act, 2005’, for short) to the respondent No.2, Smt. Deepa Lalwani @ Hansika Gangwani. He has also challenged the order dated 13.11.2010, passed by the learned Sessions Judge, Ajmer, whereby the learned Judge has confirmed the order dated 11.10.2010 passed by the learned Magistrate. The brief facts of the case are that the petitioner, Bhavesh Gangwani and the respondent No.2, Smt. Deepa Lalwani, were married on 27.03.2008 according to Hindu rites and customs. However, due to certain matrimonial disputes, the couple parted. Subsequently, Smt. Deepa Lalwani, filed an application under the Act, 2005 and sought a maintenance of Rs.4,000/- p.m. Vide order dated 11.10.2010, the learned Magistrate granted a maintenance of Rs.2,000/- p.m. to the respondent No.2. Since the petitioner was aggrieved by the said order, he challenged the same before the learned Sessions Judge by way of filing an appeal. However, vide order dated 13.11.2010, the learned Judge upheld the order dated 11.10.2010 and dismissed the appeal. Hence, this petition before this Court. Mr. Peush Nag, the learned counsel for the petitioner, has contended that since the respondent No.2 had left the matrimonial home of her own volition, she is not entitled to receive any maintenance. Heard the learned counsel and perused the impugned orders.

There is no bar in the Act, 2005, which debars a lady from seeking maintenance even if she had left the matrimonial home of her own volition. Moreover, no evidence has been produced by the petitioner to substantiate this contention. According to respondent No.2, she had been turned out from her matrimonial home. Hence, considering the facts of the case, the learned trial court was certainly justified in granting a maintenance of Rs.2,000/- to the respondent No.2. Even the order dated 13.11.2010, does not suffer from any illegality or perversity. Hence, this petition is devoid of any merit. It is, hereby, dismissed.


Manoj solank

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  1. Sunil Kumar Manrai
    March 9, 2011 at 2:12 pm

    What non-sense !! This is legal encouragement for wives to leave the husband with her birdbrain, go to her parents and then force the husband to pay the maintenance. IF “There is no bar in the Act, 2005, which debars a lady from seeking maintenance even if she had left the matrimonial home of her own volition”, then there is no law either which says contempt of court coz of such baseless orders is a “SIN”. Refusal to pay maintenance, contempt of court and civil disobedience is the only answer.

    • Rakhi Sunil Kumar manrai
      March 13, 2011 at 5:39 am

      Aur agar husband ne apne gharwalon ke sath milkar khud ghar se nikala ho to wo maintenance ki hakdar hai ya nai????

      • want2 talk its urgent
        May 23, 2012 at 9:17 am

        Absolutely correct Rakhi…totally agreed..!!

  2. June 28, 2011 at 12:46 pm

    Agar ghar se hi nikalna hota tho shaadi karke ghar kyo lake aate biwi ko?

    • woman
      May 11, 2012 at 12:40 am

      only to get a girl preagnent and also to show how good they are at it

  3. bharat bhushan
    July 11, 2011 at 8:30 am

    i dont understand why all the judgement in fav of women inspite of she is leaving the house of her husband, if there is a mutual sepration then its ok otherwise maint. should not pay.

  4. want2 talk its urgent
    May 23, 2012 at 9:21 am

    Absolutely Rakhi..totally agreed…plz mail me at rakhi.plzreply@gmail.com
    want2 talk its urgent

  5. rohit
    December 12, 2012 at 3:16 pm

    Now here my case is totally diffrent i got married in Dec 2009, I was working in mumbai, my wife is from jaipur, I got married in jaipur, I took my wife to mumbai, but after a month only we start fighting each other on small small issues, and her parents always supports her, shayad uski upbringing aisi hui hai ki bachpan mein bhi woh galti karti thi tho shayad uski mom usko kehti hogi ki kuch nahi beta tere papa sab kuch sambhaal lenge.but meine sirf yeh hee jaana ki hamare beech ego issues hai jo door nahi kiye jaa sakate ….woh apne baap ko suparb batati hai par meri aadat show off karne ki nahii hai, jaise uske parents service class the aise he mere parents service class hain. ideally meine mere ghar mein dekha ki my papa help my mom , respect my mom but ideally in indian traditional society ghar ke saare decision mere papa lete hai, aur jo ki ideally lene bhi chahiye, yeh tho shayad kisi bete ko aacha nahi lagega ki uski mom dominate kare uske father ko. yeh ek ego nahi self respect ki baat hoti hai .par mughe jo inlaws mile wahaan sab ulta hai, subah uth ke mere father inlaw meri mother inlaw ke liye tea prpare karte hai, unko uthate hai, basically ghar meinek dominating environment banaya hua meri mother in law ne.ab meri wife ne bachpan se yeh sab dekha a ab usne shadi ke pehle din se expect kiya k woh mughe dominate kar legi , par success usko nahi mili, ab tho uske tan badan mein aag lag gayii ki yeh kya galat chice ho gayi mere se , yeh tho mere saari baat nahi maanta, mein uski har baat isliye nahi maanta because meri wife ke vichaar aache nahi hai woh yeh chahthi hai agar woh aur mein market jaa rahe hai yaa kahain ghoomne jaa ra, aur meine agar apne parents ko bhi pooch liya ki aap bhi saath chalo hamare saath ghoomne, tho uska kehna yeh hai ki mein usse permission loon apne parents ko apne ssaath le jaane ki jo ek ideal beta sunn nahi sakta, ab aisii chotoi baatein bohot hui hai,mein problem is ki woh takreeban 1 saal se mugh se alag reh rahi hai, hamne uske parents ko bhi aproch kiya hai, par woh log kehte hai aapko jo legal action lena hai aap lo hum ko jo karna hai woh hum karenge, aise keh ke woh chup ho jaate hai aur hum darr jatte hai ki iss baat ke peeche unka kya maksad kya ho sakta hai, mera ek beta bhi hai, woh bhi uske saath rehta hai,ab mein tho samgh gaya hoon per woh nahi samagh rahi ki bacche ki life kharaab ho jayegii, aur mughe nahi samgh aa raha ki woh kya chahti hai, kuch log kehte hai legal notice bhej do ki she is not properly following the responsibility of married life, now mughe ek baat yeh bhi lagti hai,ki woh log paise ke bohot greedy log hai, neri wife ke bhai ki shadi mein mere brother in law ko ek maruti swift dowry mein mili hai, jabki humne dowry mein kuch nahi maanga, aur meri saas ka rcord tho aur bhi kharaab hai usne apne eal brother per property ke liye case kiya tha, ab jo aurat apane real brther ko nahi chodti paise ke liye woh apne damaad ko aise he thode chod degi , aur mere pass as such koi property nahi hai, jo mein usko de sakoon, aur mein mere parents ki property ko galat haathon mein jaane nahi dena chahtha, because meri saas ek bohot galat lady hai, woh apni beti ko hamesha yeh siksha deti aayi hai ki ek baar beta tunne apnepati koi by hook aur by crook jhukadiya tho jaise tera baap aajtak mee aage peeche naachta hai aise tere aage peeche tera pati naachegaa, aur mein hoon bohot honest, khudaar aadmi, ab problem yeh hai,mein kya karoon ,society mein tho woh yahi show karegi ki meine divorce nahi diya,mere pati ne diya hai, kanoon aur sciety usse sahanubhuti rakhenge, aur mughe aise dekha jaayegaa jaise meine tho pata nahi konsa kaam kar diya hai.mughe justice chahiye

  6. December 15, 2014 at 1:10 pm

    What does the Christian Law say about this?

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