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Live-in couple seeks protection from Delhi high court

“It’s my life”, asserted Shrutika (name changed) as she sought protection for herself and her live-in partner Sanjeev (name changed) from the Delhi high court.

Shrutika is presently in a live-in relationship with Sanjeev, who is already married and has two daughters from the wedlock. Shrutika, who was fine with her partner being already married, told justice SN Dhingra that it’s her life and she will live it at her own will.

“The girl is very well aware of this fact. She is above 18 years of age. She has chosen a path for herself of living with a married man. It is her own life and this court cannot tell her ‘you cannot choose a path of your own’,” the court said.

The couple had approached the court seeking protection from Shrutika’s parents who were against their stay together.

“May be the path in the eyes of her parents is not correct but she still cannot be harassed because she has run away from her parents’ house and has started living with a married man,” Delhi high court.said, while directing them to approach the police if theyfeel threatened.

According to Shrutika’s parents, Sanjeev was into the relationship because he wanted a male child. They said he would dump her after this purpose was solved.

Supreme Court lawyer Jayant Bhushan said there was nothing illegal about a married man or woman getting into a live-in relationship.

“The law does not stop the man to have a live-in relationship unless the wife complains against the relationship.”

Even, the Supreme Court in an order passed last year pruned the scope of live-in relationships under Domestic Violence Act, 2005, preventing many women who have been dumped by their partners from claiming maintenance.

In another case, the Supreme Court also ruled that a child born out of a live-in relationship would be legitimate.

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