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Young prisoners used as sex slaves in the central jail

Young prisoners used as sex slaves in the central jail

Sorry to spoil your Sunday, but the harsh reality is that petty thieves in the 18-21 age group are sodomised by hardened criminals allegedly in connivance with some jail authorities


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Posted On Sunday, November 28, 2010 at 05:08:18 AM

Prison ought to be a correctional facility or a place to reform law-breakers. However, to the contrary, prisons in the city are certain to make hardened criminals and serial offenders out of first-time law breakers and those jailed for petty crime.

Startling details emerging from the Parappana Agrahara Central Prison, located on the outskirts of the city, confirms this view. More than 25 per cent of inmates in the 18-21 years age group have rectal damage due to sexual abuse. These youngsters are constantly sodomised by hardened criminals, with whom they are forced to share space in the overcrowded prison.

Following reports of large-scale sexual abuse of young inmates from prison doctors, the prison authorities have launched an investigation to find reasons for the problem and to take measures to end it.

M C Vishwanathaiah, the jail’s chief superintendent, admitted the problem exists and said his administration is putting corrective measures in place.

But, preliminary inquiries reveal that these youngsters are victims in a massive racket run by a few influential hardened criminals in connivance with prison staff.

A senior officer said: “Notorious convicts have formed gangs inside the jail. The moment a young offender is brought to prison, these gangs influence corrupt jail staff to assign the youngster to their barracks. That’s when the sexual abuse begins. The youngster is abused by each gang member in turns. It is nothing but gang rape. If the boy is fair-complexioned and good looking, then he becomes the sole property of the gang leader. The boys are also put to work and would have to wash clothes and do menial tasks for gang members. They are rewarded with drugs, cigarettes, money, soap and other consumables inside,” the officer said.

The officer, who had stumbled on the racket, had alerted prison doctors to the problem and had also written a letter to his higher-ups asking for action to be taken.

“If a rich prisoner, those jailed on dowry harassment cases and economic offences, wants a separate bed, hot water and food, he has to pay Rs 1,500 to 2,000 everyday to a hardened criminal. The criminal, with the assistance of corrupt prison guards, get these boys to provide every available comfort to these rich prisoners. Even Scotch is available for a price.”

The youngsters are abused by each gang member in turns. It is nothing but gang rape

‘They pick good-looking young guys’

Serving a term in this jail can make you either a hardened criminal or a semen-addict!” When Rohit, who is just out of prison, told this to Bangalore Mirror, the curiosity bug was at work. “What do you mean by semen-addict?” we asked him and the reply was shocking. “Sir, I am talking about how handsome teenagers who enter the world of crime are sexually abused at the Parappana Agrahara Central Prison. Trust me sir, crooked convicts and powerful under-trials compete with each other in picking a teenager to do all their dirty jobs.”

The man, who just completed his term in jail for rape, said, “Every evening, the criminals arrested by the police from different parts of the city are brought to the jail. After the official entries are made, everyone is packed off to a hall in the main building.

By then, word would have spread among the inmates through the warders about how many good-looking youngsters have come in. After 8 pm, a few notorious criminals who are in collusion with the jail authorities will come to the hall and look out for teenagers. Mostly, those who are fair in complexion, display feminine characteristics and are not capable of putting up resistance, are selected.

“After the teenager is selected, the same is conveyed to the jail staff and no other criminal will stake claim on him. He is first used as a masseur and gradually turned into a sex slave. In return, the teenager is guaranteed protection and he succeeds in instilling fear among fellow criminals. He also gets easy access to contraband. On the other hand, if he refuses to fall in line, he is severely beaten up,” Rohit said.

He said each notorious criminal has two of three boys to ‘serve’ him. “Some of them are even allowed to stay in the cells allotted to these criminals and become their henchmen. The lure of power is so much that a few teenagers who, even after being released from the prison, commit petty crimes and return to their leaders,” he said.

Youngsters who can’t put up with this torture become so traumatised that they some of them become mentally deranged and even semen addicts, Rohit said, adding that the authorities are aware of what is happening in the dark, but they turn a blind eye towards it.

Overcrowding, staff crunch are the main problems: Vishwanathaiah

M C Vishwanathaiah, chief superintendent at the Parappana Agrahara Central Prison, believes the reasons for sodomy of young inmates were overcrowding and a short-staffed administration.

“There are four barracks bustling with the most notorious criminals from the city. It’s a virtual who’s-who of criminals. They are the ones at the heart of the abuse racket. The prison administration is short-staffed and it’s humanly impossible to keep on eye on prisoners 24/7. The easiest solution is to separate young inmates from these hardened criminals.”

But Vishwanthaiah said new barracks would have to be built.

“It is difficult to house young offenders separately because of space constraints. We want the state government to construct a separate high-security prison to house these notorious gangsters and terrorists. Once, that happens, we can have a separate barrack for young offenders. Despite these problems, we have already begun to take steps to keep these young boys away from notorious gangsters,’’ he said.

Vishwanathaiah said his staff had already identified some notorious criminals involved in the racket and is in the process of shifting them to jails in Bellary, Belgaum, Bijapur and Mysore.

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  1. B.K. Agrawal
    January 11, 2011 at 2:00 pm

    It is unbeleivable to imagine that the jail authorities are not involved in this racket. Everything that happens within the four walls of a prison is in full notice and with co operation from the authorities only.

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