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Divorce notice nets IPS officer in dowry case

Divorce notice nets IPS officer in dowry case

Sujan and Stuti Singh, both IPS officers, got married four years ago. Six months back, Sujan had sought a divorce but ended up getting arrested for domestic violence




Posted On Saturday, January 08, 2011 at 08:13:19 AM

It’s a strange dowry harrasment case involving an IPS officer-couple.

 Sujan Singh and Stuti Singh, both IPS officers from Uttar Pradesh and from the same batch, had fallen in love with each other and were married four years ago. Stuti bore Sujan a daughter, but their marriage soon hit turbulence. Two years ago, Sujan took a sabbatical and relocated to Bangalore to pursue higher studies. While in the city, Sujan had asked for a divorce. Instead, Stuti, currently posted in Kulu Manali, slapped a dowry-harassment case in Haridwar against her husband. He was arrested in the city by a police team from Uttar Pradesh – despite being unaware of the case.

Sujan and Stuti are both doctors who joined the IPS, UP cadre. Gauri Negi, a close friend of Sujan, revealed that all was well for some time after their marriage.

“Stuti is also a doctor, but when she joined the police force, Sujan too followed,” Gauri said. “They were both posted on deputation to Gorakhpur special branch for five years. The cracks in their marriage appeared just after the birth of their daughter (now two years old). Sujan felt Stuti was neglecting him and that led to a lot of problems between them.

Not long after, he took a sabbatical and shifted to Bangalore to complete his Doctor of Medicine (Orthopaedics) at Vydehi hospital. But their differences only grew wider and she began disrespecting his parents. Six months ago he sent her a divorce notice. He also resigned from his IPS post. Stuti, however, did not formally accept the notice and she sent it back. She then filed a dowry harassment case and a domestic violence case against him.”

Negi found the case perplexing as according to her, Sujan had not visited Stuti even once.

“I don’t know how an IPS officer can file a case like this,” Gauri said. “I have known Sujan for the past few years and he comes across as a nice man. He’s not even staying with his wife so how can he harass her for dowry?,” she wondered.

Mohammed Babu, Kadugodi police inspector, was peeved at the manner in which the UP police handled Sujan’s arrest.

“Police from UP arrested Sujan, who stays in our jurisdiction,” Babu said. “They had an arrest warrant in his name. They informed us about the case only after they had arrested him. They neither asked for our assistance nor did they give him (Sujan) any notice before arresting him. They did not even listen to his protests. They produced him in court and then took him to UP. I cannot understand why they had to be so rude to him.”

Sujan will now be produced before the district court in Roorkee.

The Kadugodi police inspector was peeved by the way UP police handled Sujan’s arrest

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  1. suman
    April 21, 2011 at 8:14 am

    It is very unfortunate with Sujan…….. When his wife also already a IPS, she should not have done such behaviour with his husband.
    My best wishes for both of them……..May God sort out the matter/case soon and their life go on right track….

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