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costliest divorce proceedings ever in Kollywood

After the sting, busy like a bee!

Prabhu Deva is all gung-ho about the future (read Nayans!) after having just settled the costliest divorce Kollywood has ever seen


R S Prakash


Posted On Thursday, January 06, 2011 at 10:25:24 AM

Following what could be called the costliest divorce proceedings ever in Kollywood, Prabhu Deva is all set to lead a new phase of life with a handful of mega projects. Of course, there is Nayanthara for company.  

“Let bygones be bygones.” That is what Prabhu Deva tells us when asked about the Rs 30-crore settlement with his ex-wife Ramlath. Instead, he says he would love to talk about the pending projects. Over to Prabhu Deva

The New Year has just started rolling favourably for me. Last year was “turbulent” and we can hope that this year will ring in a new rhythm.  2011 will be a busy year. I have to shuttle between dance, choreography, directing films and of course acting too. I don’t plan anything in any order, they just happen and I go by what is in store at the that specific moment.

Dance is in my blood and I am sure it would provide me “bread and butter” always. Direction  and acting are also my favorite pastimes, but I don’t prefer to prioritise them. As a matter of fact, I don’t chase any of them, but I never say ‘no’ to any offers. But of late, I do admit directorial ventures have kept me tied and hooked.

I am averse to using that term as it is never so in my case; as I have told you that I do only one thing at a time. I don’t assume responsibility for the choreography of the films that I direct; neither do I interfere in the work of the director concerned when I am called upon to act! I delegate the task of choreography in those films that I direct. For instance, in Engeyum Kadhal, I have not done the choreography.

The same has been the case with Thangar Bachan’s Kalavaadiya Pozhudugal in which I am just an actor! Santhosh Sivan’s Malayalam film Urumi is another case in point to prove the same. As an actor, it was indeed memorable to have been associated with project of such a magnitude. Shot in four languages, Urumi  tells the story of a 15th century fighter, who takes on imperialistic forces.

I will be directing Vishal in an entertainer, which will have Sameera Reddy as the heroine. A Sanjay Bansali production which will feature Akshay Kumar is also in the pipeline, besides a Salman Khan project.  Also, I need to allot time to my dance school at Singapore. Don’t forget Nayans, we say!

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