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SMS love proves costly for youth

MUMBAI: Girl texts boy. Soon the frequency of the SMSes increase, the couple are mad for each other and plan their life ahead. The script is blissful until a bunch of ruffians walk into the scene and blight the budding romance. In true Bollywood style, the first meeting of the incurable romantic, who could not resist the tempting offer to meet the girl barely after he had chatted with her for just 10 days, turned into a nightmare. The 21-year-old man was attacked by a group of unidentified men while he was getting to know his new-found love on Carter Road in Bandra (West) on Tuesday.

Even as the Khar police have registered an attempt to murder and rioting case against the group, officials are also exploring the possibility that the victim, S Malik was lured by Seema (girl who send SMSes) with a premeditated plan to settle old scores. The police have also not ruled out the possibility of the boy being attacked for forcing the girl to meet him. The girl is untraceable and her mobile phone has been switched off, while sleuths are trying to trace her. Her questioning will help the police to understand the motive behind the attack.

Malik’s family runs a garment store in Kurla. Recently he had received a friendly text message from an unknown number. When Malik tried to ascertain the purpose why he had received the message, the sender replied that she had erroneously sent it to him. The sender introduced herself as Seema and claimed that she was a student of Bandra’s MMK College. Slowly they became close friends and the friendship turned into love. Recently Malik told Seema that he wanted to meet her and further the relationship , to which she responded positively. They decided to meet at Carter Road. where Malik was attacked.

Read more: SMS love proves costly for youth – The Times of India http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/mumbai/SMS-love-proves-costly-for-youth/articleshow/7154721.cms#ixzz191JxYNsL

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