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Rajya Sabha individual letter format 1




Shri Rakesh Naithani, Joint Director, Rajya Sabha Secretariat, Parliament House Annexe, New Delhi – 110001 Tel: 011-23035433 (O), Fax: 011-23794328

Subject: Comments/Suggestions regarding amendment to section 498A of the IPC.


This is in response to the advertisement published in leading newspapers last month inviting suggestions and comments from various cross section of society regarding proposed amendments to 498A IPC. I am myself a victim of this Draconian law which is heavily abused and misused by cruel wives in a failed marriage to take revenge against husband and his family members to Jail.

Even though the misuse is going on from the inception of this law but the misuse has increased drastically from year 2000 after the Indian Economy started booming. As an ordinary citizen of this country I want to bring to the kind attention of the honorable committee of Rajya Sabha that this IPC section is being grossly misused as legal extortion.

In a failed marriage the tendency of the wife is to give complaint to the police who are hell bent on arresting all those named in the FIR. The extortion starts at the level of the police station. Huge amount of cash is demanded from husband, which runs into several lakhs of rupees, in keeping the status of the husband in mind and in case husband refuse to pay or is unable to pay then all those named are arrested and sent to Jail.

Before to this they are threatened with more false case like DV Act, 125 CrPC 125 etc and are threatened that in case of non payment, husband and his family members have to run around the corridors of court for several years.

Thousands of husbands and their family members have committed suicide as they are unable to bear the humiliation and injustice they have to suffer in the police station at the hands of their daughter in law.

The ordinary citizen of this country do not know what is 498A IPC till he is dragged to the police station and humiliated.

Sir, the rich and mighty people who have money and influence settle their cases by paying huge amount of money to their wife but the real victim in this racket is the poor and middle class people who are unable to either pay the huge demand of money from wife or are not willing to compromise with their self respect.

I think the Honorable committee is aware that even the former chief minister Shri Arjun Singh and Famos pakistani Crickter Shoaib Malik has not been spared and are victim of this law.

Sir, even though there has been continuous and non stop of coverage of media on the issue of heavy misuse of 498A IPC but till now there has been no word from government regarding amendment to this law. But due to the formation of the committee of Rajya Sabha my hopes have been renewed that the pain and suffering of lakhs of Indian family who have suffered and are still suffering will reach Government.

In this regard I suggest following to the Honorable committee of Rajya Sabha for their kind consideration:

  1. As it is a know fact that husband and his family members are humiliated, harassed and tortured in the police station, hence I suggest to remove the role of the police completely in a matrimonial dispute.
  2. As the cases takes many years in the Magistrate court hence special fast track court should be constituted to try these cases.
  3. Heavy punishment of 3 years imprisonment should be introduced to those women who are found misusing this IPC section.


Your sincerely








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  1. ramesh
    December 17, 2010 at 3:19 pm

    excellent letter which covers pain of every individual who suffer because of it on everyday.

  2. Nayela
    December 17, 2010 at 4:39 pm

    Why is the Government immune to the fact that the IPC 498a is an easy tool to exploit anyone in our blessed country India, where the lobby of hooligans is ever ready to loot innocent people without shame. Greedy, ill-bred, boorish women, try to take advantage of this lop-sided law, and get married to harass the men. Officials or People who encourage them surely have their commissions. All this right under the nose of the law keepers.!

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