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Former chief justice hid Raja facts: SC judge


New Delhi: The war within the higher echelons of judiciary has come out in the open exactly a week after Madras High Court named former telecom minister A Raja for trying to influence a judge in a criminal case involving a father-son duo who was accused of fudging a medical exam mark sheet. Supreme Court judge HL Gokhale on Tuesday slammed former Chief Justice of India KG Balakrishnan for claiming that he (Balakrishnan) never received any letter from Madras High Court judge Justice R Raghupathy in which the name of former telecom minister A Raja was mentioned. Justice Gokhale issued a press statement saying that he had forwarded Justice Raghupathy’s letter to the former chief justice of India when he was the Chief Justice of Madras High Court. He said that former telecom minister Raja’s name was specifically mentioned in the second paragraph of Justice Raghupathy’s letter.

“The former CJI has stated in his press conference that in my letter I did not mention the name of any Union Minister having talked to Justice Raghupathy over phone to influence him. With respect to this statement I may point out that Justice Raghupathy’s letter was already with him and in the second paragraph thereof Justice Raghupathy had specifically mentioned the name of Raja,” Justice Gokhale said in the press statement.


“I had no personal knowledge about the incident and observations in my reply wherein are in conformity with the contents of Justice Raghupathy’s,” Justice Gokhale said.


Justice Raghupathy has been claiming that he had written a letter in 2009 to the then Chief Justice of India KG Balakrishnan in which he claimed that Chairman of Bar Council of Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry, K Chandramohan, who is reportedly a friend of Raja, tried to influence him.


Justice Raghupathy had is in his letter had reportedly complained about Chandramohan’s “outburst and uncontrollable” behaviour to Balakrishnan


Reacting to Justice Gokhale’s revelation, justice Raghupathy said he never spoke about the issue in public to uphold the dignity of the judiciary.


“Even during last year, I kept quite to uphold the dignity of the judiciary. Several senior jurists have also reacted on this. I am only of the view that the primacy of law should be upheld. It is for the citizens to react. I was in the judiciary. I can’t go to the press or media to uphold the dignity. Whatever had happened, I placed it on record,” Raghupathy told CNN-IBN.


However, Balakrishnan claimed that he never received any letter from Justice Raghupathy in which Raja’s name was mentioned.


“Why should I clarify? He is a sitting judge. I will not say anything. I stand by my statement that Raja’s name was not mentioned in the letter,” said Balakrishnan.


On December 7, too, Balakrishnan had claimed that he had not received any such letter with an allegation against any minister.


“No complaint was received from Justice Raghupathy of the Madras High Court alleging that a union minister interfered with his judicial function. If anything, happened like that he himself could have exercised his power of contempt of court for which no permission is required from the Chief Justice of India,” Balakrishnan had told CNN-IBN on December 7.


Chandramohan, who was representing clients in a criminal case, tried to influence Justice Raghupathy over phone in 2009 by claiming that he was a friend of a Union minister by the name of Raja.


Madras High Court has already suspended Chandramohan from the bar.


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  1. Sahi
    December 14, 2010 at 1:41 pm

    It is common knowledge that the ex-CJI said and did only what the government told him to do.

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