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Karnataka HIgh Court maintenance judgements

November 24, 2010 2 comments

4000/- interim maintenance for 30000/- per month.

Husband not paying maintenance. HC not bothered

91 application of husband rejected to know wife salary by HC

Speedy trial petition of wife rejected :)))

4000 interim maintenance on 10000 take home salary :(((

6000 interim maintenance on 24000 take home salary

6000 maintenance on 20000 take home salary

Petitioner has got two cars and a motor cycle so 6000 pm is just and proper

Husband lost divorce case in SC also

Husband’s salary attached for not obeying court order

Real estate broker – income not proved – 3000/-pm fixed

3000 intimae for 15000 income

Husband dragged maintenance for 5yrs by not crossing but in HC no luck

7000 interim maintenance even though husband is not working

A speedy trial judgment

5000 pm for 30000 income

Judgment regarding waiver of maintenance

25000 on 5000 income…Ridicules

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