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Violin maestro’s maid caught on wrong foot





Documents show that Dr Subramaniam was not in City on that day
R Venkatesh, Bangalore, DHNS:
Violin maestro’s maid caught on wrong foot
R Venkatesh, Bangalore, DHNS:
Wednesday, September 08, 2010
Bhagya, the maid who had lodged a complaint of harassment against her employer the violin virtuoso, Dr L Subramaniam is caught on the wrong foot.
Deccan Herald is in posession of documents which show that Dr Subramaniam was not in Bangalore city on the date mentioned by Bhagya.

He was in Chennai on Sept 1, 2010 for a felicitation by Trinity College of London for his outstanding contribution to the field of music and performing arts.

The event was organised by the museemusical – celebrating the 110th year of
Association with Trinity College at Sir Mutha Venkata Subbarao Auditorium, Harrington Road, Chetpet, Chennai at 7 pm. Along with Dr L Subramaniam five more stalwarts figured in the awardees list — Ilayaraja, Harris Jayraj, B Ganesh Kumar, Mani Sharma and VS Narashiman.

Left early morning

On September 1, Dr Subramaniam left home early morning to catch the 9 am Kingfisher flight to Chennai and returned the next day 10.50 am (ticket details MMZGPG E-ticket no 3752221865/866).

He developed some health problems and consulted ENT specialist Dr P Thulasi Das in the afternoon at MNRI Scans Pvt Ltd, 82, 1st Main, CIT Nagar, Nandanam (off South Usman Road) T Nagar, Chennai. A copy of the doctor’s report is also available.

On September 2, a theft complaint was registered by the violin maestro at the Sanjay Nagar police station.

Following the complaint, Bhagya, one of the maids working at Subramaniam’s house was questioned.

Meanwhile, she approached some organisations and sought their support. Though there are other helpers at Subramaniam’s house, Bhagya is the main suspect as she was the only one who was in charge of the first floor. All the valuables have gone missing from the first floor. Hence, the local police called her for inquiry.

Later, Bhagya had informed Sanjay Nagar police that on September 1, her employer had pulled her hand and misbehaved with her at his 6th Cross, RMV II Stage Bangalore house.

Police surprised

The cops are surprised to know as to why a Dalit organisation is supporting the woman, a Vokkaliga from Kunigal. Recently, Bhagya went to her native and attended a house warming ceremony. The police are verifying whether it was her house.

The police are also on the look out for a man who used to pick her up from the work place. Many questions would be answered from the man, believe the cops.
Kodava family complains

A well-known Kodava family in Ulsoor area has identified Bhagya and given information to the police. An agency had sent Bhagya to work in Ulsoor house. She was staying at the servant quarters. Within months after she joined, the grandchildren’s diamond earrings and valuables, including foreign clothes went missing.

Bhagya was asked to leave once they found the missing valuables in her room. The family had informed the police but did not want a case to be registered against as she had a small child. Now, police are trying to question the proprietors of the agency (Avon).


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  1. amalan
    September 24, 2010 at 4:24 pm

    I have personally known the Maestro and in my opinion He is an absolute gem of a gentleman. In fact I am pretty sure the type of Person Dr. LS is, if the maid had any brains she should have just confessed to stealing and ask for his forgiveness and the all compasionate maestro would have pardoned her and gone to a big extent of even giving her some money and sent her home. His heart is full of kindness and He indeed is filled with so much humility and kindness. I hope that silly lady will realize her mistake. Dr. LS is too great to be even talked about in such a way. Also the media that have been sensationalizing this – please get real and sensationalize more positive news and get the facts right.

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