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NFHS Weekly discussion: Why the marriages are breaking in India

Why the marriages are breaking in India

Ravi Mishra

  • Expectation Mismatch
  • Adjustment issues


  • USA DV Law is Gender Neutral-Indian Govt has copied it without cultural understanding
  • For small issues matter goes till Protection officer and eventually marriage fails.
  • Earlier days seniors and well wishers were resolving the issues
  • There used to be a sort of family court within family
  • Now it is nuclear family and both are working
  • No time for each other
  • Education level/Income etc are increasing


  • Lack of love affection and trust
  • DV Act is breaking the family
  • Mutual respect is not there

Hussein- Thanks for the wonderfull sweeets from Hussein’s Mom. It was really nice!!

  • Perceptional issues
  • Corrupt system
  • Marriage has become a business
  • Families are disintegrating
  • Indians have a wrong attitude to bring in western culture
  •  We always try to mimic others
  • We are basically slave system not a master system.

Raghvendra Naik

  • In new generation all are equal
  • Ego is there so clashes are there
  • Girls background must be checked
  • Girls parent must be checked
  • Girls are more and more demanding nowadays
  • Others interference is becoming more now
  • Wife want to take control of the husband
  • Laws are gender biased
  • Husbands at the beginning of the cases are assumed guilty


  • He agrees all the above points are the reasons


  • Temperamental issues
  • Because of above any relationship can break
  • Interference by others


  •  Marriages were breaking earlier also
  • Now they are getting recognized
  • Earlier also rift clash were there


  • Apart from above reasons Extra martial affair/Adultery are causing  break of family
  • Medical issues
  • Gender biased laws like 498A


  • He gave example of AlGore(Fmr USA VP) whose marriage survived for 40 years
  • He gave example of Blll Clinton to make a point
  • Interpersonal conflicts are more
  • No one move into relation with pre-plan to break marriage
  • Ego clashes
  • Both are working
  • Interference by external family member
  • Lack of joint family
  • He talked about concept “starter marriage”


  • Indian marriage system is rich
  • Now people are more independent
  • Joint families are breaking to individual families
  • Each spouse think “I am great”
  • No love and affection is left
  • Bonding is not there
  • No feeling for others
  • The sensitive layer between husband and wife is getting broken


  • For a girl Father is hero
  • When father is slave then she does the same to husband


  • Insecurity
  • Girls cook up more story
  • Lack of communication
  • Girls are listening to parents
  • They don’t know the consequence when filing the cases
  • Awareness is not there


  • More expectation are there
  • Demanding nature of girls
  • Ego
  • Both are from different back ground
  • Incompatible


  • More divorces are happening
  • Value system is degrading
  • It is important how girls are bought up
  • They are not respecting the husbands
  • They try to isolate the husbands
  • They listen to parent


  • Girls do not discuss with husband before going to parent
  • No patience
  • Girls know people are there to support even if they do wrong
  • They know they can easily get maintenance
  • No communications


  • No comments
  • Agrees with others

Raja’s father

  • Agrees the reason given by Raja


  • Left the meet before start. Had urgent work. We missed your comments Yodha!!

After the round robin views by each of the 20 members there was an open discussion wherein members had a healthy discussion evaluating others viewpoint and engaged each other is healthy arguments.

There was also small discussion to select next week discussion topic and members chose the following topic for the next week:

Strategy, ideas and ways to fight Domestic Violence case

Request all members to join discussion and come with preparation.

Next time I will try to video record it and upload for others benefit.

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  1. gansham
    September 6, 2010 at 4:52 pm

    DV act
    Mahila aayog
    girl’s support system
    financial independence
    materialistic approach

  2. snehal
    December 7, 2010 at 4:01 am

    I agreed to all the members who expresses their thoughts in this discussion. I think that very soon we all will see that The whole marriage & family system along with indian culture might be vanished. Ultimately the Wedding system will also be vanished. A DANGOUR AHEAD TO OUR INDIAN SOCIETY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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