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Dogged Doberman nails the killer


Canine Gauri helps JP Nagar police nab murderer, draws praise from Police Commissioner Shankar Bidari 




Posted On Saturday, September 04, 2010 at 05:03:43 AM 

Dogs are man’s best friend, but for the police force, they often are vital in investigating crime. In one such case, three-year-old Doberman, Gauri proved her bark and bite were up to scratch as she helped the JP Nagar police solve a murder case, just hours after the crime was committed. 
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Gauri is the sharpest among its peers, says its trainer Kumar

Police Commissioner Shankar Bidari was so impressed that he took time off from a busy schedule to issue a letter of appreciation to Gauri and ordered a feast for the canine, making her the envy of her colleagues.

In the early hours on August 29, an argument broke out between Ram Katti, a security guard at the Cozy Apartments in JP Nagar and his colleague and room-mate Krishnaprasad over a missing cell phone. Two others, Krishnaprasad Ketar and Ramesh Katti, were also present in the room, provided by their employers. All four hailed from Assam and worked for the same security agency, safeguarding several apartments in JP Nagar.

Krishnaprasad accused Ram Katti of stealing his phone and in the ensuing argument, Ram Katti picked up a wooden plank and hit Krishnaprasad on the head with it. Krishnaprasad collapsed and died.

With the help of Ketar and Ramesh Katti, Ram Katti wrapped the body in a bed sheet and threw it into a vacant site located behind their quarters. On their return, Ketar and Ramesh Katti panicked and decided to flee the city and return to Assam. In the morning, they borrowed money from their employers citing ill-heath and left for Yeshwanthapur railway station, wanting to catch the first available train out. Ram Katti, however, decided to stay back.

Meanwhile, passersby noticed the body wrapped in the bed sheet and informed the JP Nagar police, who quickly arrived on the scene. They questioned Ram Katti, who tried to mislead them stating that Krishnaprasad had gone out in the night to answer nature’s call and had not come back.

Ram Katti 

Then Gauri, accompanied by her trainer A Kumar, arrived and after sniffing at the spot where Krishnaprasad’s body had lain, Gauri ran towards the servant quarters where Krishnaprasad lived with Ram Katti. The dog then went straight up to Ram Katti, who was made to sit near a police jeep, and jumped on him, indicating he had a hand to play in the murder.

Gauri then led the police to the blood stains in the room, which Ram Katti and his accomplices had attempted to clean. She also led the police to the nearest bus stop.

Acting on these clues, police grilled Ram Katti and he confessed to the murder, narrating the sequence of events. Ketar and Ramesh were arrested at the Yeshwanthapur railway station. Trainer Kumar was pleased with Gauri. “Gauri is the sharpest among her peers,’’ Kumar told the Bangalore Mirror. “She has the potential to become a star.’’

JP Nagar inspector S K Umesh praised Gauri. “We managed to solve this case quickly because of Gauri. Otherwise we would have taken much longer,’’ Umesh said.

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