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City police website conks


It crashed a month ago due to overloading of pictures; experts point at non-payment of charges


Sameer Ranjan Bakshi & Praveen Kumar


Posted On Friday, September 03, 2010 at 05:14:56 AM

Bangalore is the nation’s IT capital, but the website of the Bangalore City Police has been ‘down and out’ for the last one month. The site has crashed due to overloading of data by the police manning it. Now, the current default page directs users to more than 80 domain names(websites).
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Cop manning site says its capacity needs to be increased; when users log on to the website, it directs them to more than 80 domain names

It is learnt the website, http://www.bcp.gov.in, was loaded with pictures of missing persons. The police kept on uploading pictures without even upgrading the website’s capacity (memory), resulting in the crash. Experts fear the data could be lost forever.

While the police say the website had a memory of 2 GB and unable to withstand the weight of the uploaded data (missing persons’ pictures), it crashed. The cyber experts, however, feel it could be a case of non-payment of charges to the hosting service provider. The service provider, they suspect, might have removed or deleted the web pages.

As regards the memory, experts say 2 GB of space can accommodate over 1,000 pictures, but the police might have uploaded high-resolution photographs without condensing their size.

Another expert said the current text on the default page indicates that the service provider has either removed the page due to non-payment of hosting charges or it has changed the IP (internet protocol) addresses of all the domain names (websites). If the provider has removed the file from the server, then the lost data can be retrieved. But if a third party has the user ID and password and it has deleted the folders, it is difficult to retrieve the same, he said.

Police Commissioner’s website contains photos of missing persons and addresses of police stations, among others

Admitting the problem, Srinivas Chikkali, the officer in charge of the site, said hosting service provider – Super User Internet World Wide – has been asked to resolve it. The provider has given 2 GB of space for free.

On how the website crashed, he said, “Photos of missing persons were being uploaded on a daily basis. Recently when bulk photographs were being uploaded, the website crashed.”

Chikkali said the problem is with the main server and that some pictures have to be removed from the service and space created for new photos. “Even the service provider thinks the problem is with the main server,” he said.

“2 GB of space is inadequate. We might require an additional 2 GB for smooth functioning of the website,” said the policeman, adding the matter needs to be discussed with the ACP (control room) A Raghuveer, who is in charge of the site. The ACP, who is unwell, is on leave. “Once he returns, a request will be made for additional space,” he said.

The default page of the Bangalore City Police website, www.bcp.gov.in, has an IP number (, which is the same as ‘bcp.gov.in’. This IP address points to more than 80 other domain names.

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