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Not many takers for sexual health in TN


Aug. 26: Despite repeated appeals to the Tamil Nadu Dr M. G. R. Medical University and even to the Madras Medical College, not a single lecture on sexual health has been included in the MBBS syllabus.

Dr Narayan Reddy, one of the two professionally qualified sexologists in India, said, “I have approached the vice-chancellors of the medical university several times, and even offered my services as a professor on sexual medicine at the government medical colleges, but there has been no response from them,” said Dr Reddy, pointing out that private medical colleges in India do not offer a course either.

The services of a sexologist are in much demand now as women today insist on enjoying sex as much as the male partner, he said. “I have also offered my consultation, free of cost, at the Out Patient Department of the Government General Hospital but that too has not been accepted,” he added.

The specialist is, however, often invited to give lectures at Arts and Science colleges like WCC and Ethiraj. “The best questions come from young women, rather than medical graduates,” he said.

“Since there is no scientific sex education for doctors, all treatment for sexual problems has become ‘penis-centric’ and not ‘human-centric’,” added Dr Reddy, stressing on the importance of involving the emotional, psychological and relational aspects of sex when treating a problem.

The National Conference on Sexology to be held in Chennai from September 3 to 5 will discuss sexology as a subject for MBBS students.

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