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Women at the top


More companies today are welcoming women at the top, especially in women oriented industries like healthcare, beauty products and many other sectors.

With leadership today being result-oriented rather than process-driven, senior executives now believe that women in senior positions provide particular, identifiable benefits. Female head honchos display traits like determination, zeal, industriousness, clear-headedness and a willingness to take risks. All these qualities are turning female corporate executives into a very attractive proposition when it comes to promotions and high-level appointments.

Rupa Naik, who is the executive director of the All India Association of Industries (AIAI) feels there is no denying that women add value to an organisation. “When occupying leadership positions, women are self-critical of their own strengths and weaknesses and rebound gracefully from setbacks. Additionally, they tend to be intuitive crisis managers, resulting in fair and sound judgment. That’s the kind of value women bring to the boardroom!”

Companies like Titan (where 10 per cent of the workforce consists of women) insist on taking more women on board to occupy senior ranks. S. Ramadoss, chief human resources officer of Titan Industries, says: “Out of the total employees, 23 per cent are women. In fact, two top women professionals Vinita Bali, and Hema Ravichandran are part of our board of directors. They bring in wide knowledge and rich experience.”

The number of women who have joined their pinstriped, suit-clad male counterparts in boardrooms has also increased. Priya Chetty- Rajagopal, vice president, Stanton Chase International, opines, “Many studies have proved that women executives bring profitability and visibility to a company. Men can also possibly bring about the change, but it is observed that the fairer sex has a slightly more insightful way of thinking and is also more empathetic. Take the examples of power women like Vinita Bali and Indra Nooyi. They both positioned their products around health and nutrition and have capitalised on it. In fact, today many men and companies are recognising the efforts of women and celebrating the differences.”

Rufina Fernandes, CEO of Nasscom Foundation, feels that the fairer sex is better at ‘multi-tasking’ which contributes to their increasing demand now. “Women have to juggle multiple roles in their personal life, so they are stronger at people management skills and have the capacity for innovation.” Despite this, women have had to prove their competence at every level and toil considerably to get to the top. “One of the reasons for this is that we live in a man’s world and there are times when a woman has to work extra hard to prove her skills,” she concludes.

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