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Wife victims also have a say besides dowry victims


By Our Staff Reporter
Bhopal, June 29:
If you think only women can be the victims at the hand of men, then it’s high time to give it a second thought. A man today turned up with complaint against his wife in the police mass hearing programme (Jan Sunvai) – held on Tuesday every week for city residents to get redressal of their grievances.
Anis Khan, a resident of Kabitpura, along with his relatives, came in the hearing programme and complained about atrocity against his wife Seema Khan to DIG SK Raut. He said that after an uncomfortable alliance for the last 13 years, fed up with squabbling with his wife, he had to opt to live separately from her. Khan requested Raut to protect him from atrocities of his wife. As the bemused people and police personnel present there looked on at the man with his weird problem, Raut instructed the senior Superintendent of Police to take action in this case.
Apart from this, in another case in the hearing, Shabana, a resident of Ash-Bagh, complained about atrocity for dowry against her in-laws. Shabana was married to Imran, a resident of the same locality, a few years back. Things were normal for some time after their marriage but soon her in-laws started to demand dowry and torture her for it. Shabana, mother of a child, was evicted from her husband Imran’s house after being forced to sign two blank stamp-papers.
In a similar case, tarannum, a resident of Arif Nagar, was married to Nasir. Demanding for dowry, her husband, Nasir, left her at her parent’s home.
Both these dowry victim women today reached at the state-level police mass hearing and told the senior police personnel about their plights. The senior Superintendent of Police was instructed over the phone line to look into the matter of both the dowry victims and take necessary action to arrange justice for them.
Rao Deshraj Singh, Legislator, Ashoknagar, also reached at the mass hearing programme with problems of his area. He said that a number of migrant people from Punjab have got them included in Bhil tribal category on the basis of fake certificates issued from Punjab and availing benefits of reservation. Raut instructed Ashoknagar Superintendent of Police to take legal action in this case.
Ravi Mohan Yadav of Bhopal requested the DIG that there has been no case registered against him during the last ten years. Therefore his name should be removed from list of criminals. His application was sent to Superintendent of Police, Bhopal, for further action.
As many as 40 people reached at today’s mass hearing with their grievances. DIG SK Raut listened to most of the cases and talked to field police officials instructing to look into the matter. BM Kumar, IG and PSO, KL Meena, IG, PTRI, and Aruna Mohan Rao, IG, AJAKS, also listened to many other cases and disposed them of.

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