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I gave him gold chains, money, house and car


Rape victim reveals the torture she underwent at the hands of her fiance Parth Vasavda, despite financially providing him for his every need


By Hemington James
Posted On Thursday, August 26, 2010 at 03:58:06 AM

Despite knowing that Parth had dumped four girls in four years, Diana believed in him

Restaurant bills to movie tickets, all his expenses were borne by me. I also gifted him gold chains and diamond rings. But both my life and career are ruined. I loved him but what I got in return is only hatred, humiliation and inhuman behaviour,” said 21-year-old Diana Seth (name changed) who filed a rape complaint against her fiancé Parth Vasavda at Sarkhej police station on Tuesday night.

Talking to Mirror, Diana said, “He had frequent quarrels with his parents to get him a car, he used to tell me often. I told my father and got him a brand new black Hyundai Accent car. Whenever he had a fight with his parents he used to sleep at my parents’ house. His mother, who once complained of torture by her husband, now says I am characterless.”

Diana said that Parth forced her to have physical relations with her. “I was against having physical relations before marriage and refused whenever he made advances. Once he took me to a temple at some distance from Sardar Patel Ring Road. He applied sindoor on my forehead and told me ‘now we are officially married and you are my wife’. He then took me to his house and made me a cocktail and told me to consume it, after which I became unconscious. When I gained consciousness, I realised I was sexually abused.”

Since then Parth has been demanding things from her, Diana said. Whenever she refused, he showed obscene pictures of her he had taken and threaten to show it to her parents. “I was helpless and had to fulfil his demands.”

Tried to commit suicide

Desperate and desolate, Diana had “tried to commit suicide on March 1 this year because he had stopped talking to me”.

“Whenever I called him, his mother picked up the phone and told me that Parth was no longer interested in me. I was told not to call him. I also wanted to leave him but I could not as he was the person with whom I had seen my future and have had physical relations with. But he had started blackmailing me. He demanded a house and my father got him one. He used to ask me why the house was not on his name? He quarrelled with me over these issues,”

Diana said.

Despite knowing that Parth was of loose character from his close friends and he had dumped four girls in the past four years, Diana believed that he would change his ways after he got engaged to her.

Trainer and trainee

Diana was a soft skills trainer at a management institute where Parth was a trainee. “He proposed to me at the time. He was caring and loving at that time. But later his real face came out,” Diana said.

When Parth’s father, Amit Vasavda, had swine flu, Diana says she took care of him for 10 days without worrying about her health. “When he was out of the illness, they threw away my clothes from their house,” she said.

Parth and Diana got engaged on February 5 last year and were to get married this December after Parth would have turned 21 in September.

Parth who lives with his parents at Avani Bunglow in Sterling city, Bopal, was produced before a magistrate late on Wednesday evening.

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  1. Dr.Ivan
    December 11, 2010 at 4:52 pm

    what a fake case, poor boy loved the girl, the father is a gangster and does all illegal work, due to which the boys family broke the relation, this liars wanted the boy back after they had thretened boys family for many reasons showing muscle power and guns… boy told them he would have to take police help…. in reaction these lair girl’s .. liar family approached a lawyer who was thrown out the police dept. due to reasons… furnished and planned out and made a fake case…. ! i know the boys family .. they are one of the most reputed people in the society … father is a management consultant and an Author… a visiting professor at IIM and mother is a personality trainer and has trained staff of companies like Zee telefilms and MICA…. the boy is a great human being and intelligent and out performs in academics as well as he is a very loving person. i know him as i am his doctor… the girl was an air hostess and we all know how she was…. a smoker and drunkard …. late nights and boys ….. the boy is younger than this girl….. But our great Indian law… has been used as a weapon …… if some one doesnt look into this matter and get the truth out … i think we are ruining our society …… I feel very bad for this young boy who suffered for nothing !

  2. sidd
    December 11, 2010 at 4:55 pm

    i know … and not the girl but the boy used to buy so many thing for her … infact he even had planned to buy a car for her ….. he is rich boy … he is not on any bodies mercy….. she is complete liar ! god >>>

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