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Woman advocate gets misbehaving cops booked


Two policemen and two accused in a crime misbehaved with her at Shaherkotda police station


 By Ahmedabad Mirror Bureau
Posted On Thursday, August 19, 2010 at 02:45:44 AM

Bhavna Makwana met senior officers, but not satisfied, she went to police control room and forced the Shaherkotda police to file complaint against the policemen

A woman advocate forced Shaherkotda police to file a complaint against its own cops after they misbehaved with her and pushed her out of the station. She approached senior officers and the Police Control Room to force registration of the complaint.

According to the complaint filed by Bhavna Makwana, four persons, including two policemen, misbehaved with her at the police station. On Monday evening, Shaherkotda police had nabbed a person identified as Yagnik in a crime case, but he was later released by the court. Makwana handled Yagnik’s case.

The next day, when Makwana visited Shaherkotda Police Station, she was threatened by Yagnik’s opponents in the case — Amit Kanubhai and Kanu Jeenabhai — who were standing there. The duo caught her by her hand, used abusive language and threatened her with dire consequences if she did not withdraw from the case.

Two inspectors of the Saherkotda police station — B J Patel and K G Sardawa — who were present there, saw the incident. But when she went to them to complain, instead of taking any actions they started making fun of her. They even abused her and pushed her out of the police station, Makwana said. 

Makwana went to narrate the case to DCP (zone III) S M Katara, who assured her of looking into the matter. Not convinced by Katara’s response, she went to JCP (sector I) Satish Sharma. Sharma too assured her that he would take necessary actions and asked her to give a written application in this matter.

Thinking that he too might take the matter lightly, Makwana called the Police Control Room which, in turn, called the Saherkotda Police Station and ordered the officer there to file a complaint against the four persons, the two policemen and the two accused, on Tuesday evening.

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