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Ladies special: CP tells his men how to behave


Rattled by allegations of apathy, Sanjeev Dayal circulates new rules to make police stations friendlier to women complainants

Posted On Wednesday, August 11, 2010 at 04:23:51 AM

Crimes against women in the city are on the rise. Ironically, complaints against insensitive police officers who deal with women complainants have been on the rise too.

The officers’ lack of empathy while dealing with sensitive cases of rape, molestation or domestic violence, has now come under scrutiny and criticism with the police chief deciding to shake things up a bit.

Police commissioner Sanjeev Dayal has issued a circular that spells out the do’s and don’t’s of police etiquette while dealing with female complainants in no uncertain terms.

Besides keeping a tab on the time taken to respond to the women who approach police stations, his new system will also monitor the behaviour of duty officers dealing with the complaints and work towards making the stations seem less hostile and more comfortable for women.

Dayal said, “There were complaints about women not being treated well when they visited police stations.

We intend to make the process convenient for them. This new system will also to help rape victims and others in sensitive cases.”

In fact, recently several women in Oshiwara accused assistant inspector Balasaheb Khaade of misbehaving with them when they visited the station to lodge complaints.

Khaade’s alleged offensive remarks about the women’s clothes have cost him a transfer and an inquiry. Former senior police officer Prakash Shishupal was also accused of misbehaving with a woman complainant. He was later transferred.

To deal with errant officers, Dayal has come up with certain systems and processes. To start with, all police stations will need to maintain a separate log book for women visiting the stations.

This will make note of the time they step in and the time they leave the station. Special attention will be given to rape victims.

A senior officer said, “We will monitor the time taken to respond to the victim by the duty officers. This will help us in reduce the waiting time for the complainant and make her feel comfortable and confident.” There will also be supporting details on the nature of complaint and the officer who had attended to it.

“This will impact the investigation officers who are handling a complaint by a woman as they are bound to work swifter and better. After all, their names will be up in the register. Slackers will not be tolerated,” said a police officer.

Recently, RR Patil had asked Mumbai police to take quick action when any female complainant approached them. The data on women complainants will be monitored by the senior police officers. Added Dayal, “We will use the information to help women better.”

In a circular, Sanjeev Dayal has spelt out rules on how to deal with women complainants

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