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Meet on men’s rights on August 15


BANGALORE: Save Indian Family Foundation (SIFF), a men’s rights organisation, fighting against misuse of dowry laws, domestic violence Act and other anti-male and unconstitutional laws, is organising the third Men’s Rights conference at Yercaud in Tamil Nadu on August 15.

Addressing presspersons here on Monday, Virag, a functionary of SIFF, said over 100 men’s rights activists from across the country representing 15 different NGOs working for men’s rights will participate in the conference to intensify the movement of men’s rights in India.

Various issues concerning men and problems faced by them, including setting up of Welfare Ministry for men and shared parenting, would be discussed at the conference.

Mr. Virag said that conference is called “Sugarless Independence Day”, this year. The activists attending the conference have decided to have sugarless tea/coffee and will not have any sweets on that day.

“Men’s rights activists feel that the road to freedom for men is still under construction and hence they have decided not to observe Independence Day” till their problems are solved by the Government of India.

Chairman of SIFF Pandurang Katti and Shiva Shankar, senior counsellor of SIFF spoke.

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