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Mother-in-law kills man for daughter’s property


Aug. 2: Upset with her daughter for getting married to a man of her own choice, a woman allegedly got her son-in-law murdered and later burned the body. The man was killed on July 17, a police officer said. The police on Sunday arrested the woman and her three associates in Vellore and brought them to the city on Monday.

The woman had feared that she would lose her share in her daughter’s property. The prime accused has been identified as S. Bharathi, a resident of Srirampura, and her associates as Michael, P. Selvam and Saravan, all from Vellore in Tamil Nadu.

The murder was discovered after Bharathi’s daughter V. Pravina filed a missing complaint with the police. Pravina got married to Vimal Kumar, alias Manja, a few months ago despite strong opposition from her mother. After the wedding, the couple shifted to Laggere while Bharathi vacated her house in Srirampura and returned to Vellore.

Their Srirampura house has been registered in Pravina’s name. “Bharati wanted Pravina to marry a man of her choice so that the three could live in the same house. But Bharathi feared that Pravina would sell the property and she would not get any share,” the officer said. After returning to Vellore, Bharathi and the three accused, hatched a plot to murder Vimal Kumar. According to sources, Michael, one of the accused, is Bharathi’s paramour.

As per plan, the accused hired a car and after reaching the city, they stopped near ESI hospital in Rajajinagar around 8 pm on July 17. “Bharathi then called up Pravina and asked her to send Vimal to take her home as she did not know the way. When Vimal reached the spot, he was pushed into the car and strangled to death,” the officer said.

Meanwhile, when Pravina failed to reach her husband on phone, she filed a missing complaint. “During the investigation, we found that the accused has murdered Vimal and burned his body near Krishnagiri,” the officer said.

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  1. August 3, 2010 at 9:08 am

    bharthi has proved that this misdeed can done by a women, and how cheap can a women go by murdering her own son-inlaw and can do whatever she can for the luxury and in control of her fingers. and something is done against her wishes, she can alter the family in whatever way she likes…this is how womens r changing and getting empowered by the help of Govt. thank you, women NGO and gender biased laws + Govt. too.

  2. Ganesh Ganu
    August 3, 2010 at 7:47 pm

    it is Power of Woemn . still NCW consider women are innocent. Cruel murderer are the Women . it is proved by this women. Till time women orgaisatin teaches women of india ” Donot Work and Earn Money and property from the men, use any way or kill the mens , NCw will protect and support your act””

    56000 men’s death remain unnoticed in this country.. “” Human Right Commision and Animal Miniisty can give hleping hand/////

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