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Request for DGP-Karnataka-Circular on the line of DGP-TamilNadu-Circular – COP

27th July 2010



The Commissioner of Police,

1, Infantry Police, Bangalore – 560001

Subject: Request for COP-Bangalore-Circular on the line of DGP-TamilNadu-Circular based upon the orders of Honorable Justice Regupathi of Chennai High Court

About National Family Harmony Society®: “National Family Harmony Society® NFHS is a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) promoting the cause of “family harmony” and “gender equality”. It is registered under “The Karnataka Societies Registration Act, 1960” and is based in Bangalore. We have branches in more than 16 states and in abroad too. We have approximately 14500 members all over India. To know more about us please visit http://www.family-harmony.org / http://www.498a.org.in.

Dear Sir,

The heavy misuse of 498A IPC by estranged wives in case of matrimonial dispute is increasing day by day. This fact is acknowledged by various High Courts and Honorable Supreme Court. In almost every session of parliament, honorable members of the parliaments are asking questions to the Government regarding heavy misuse of Dowry Laws and measures taken by Government to curb its misuse. Every other day newspapers carry news articles about heavy misuse of Dowry related laws and protest done by husbands and his family members who have to undergo humiliation, harassment and torture due to these “Women Centric” laws. There are also scores of news articles where the husbands and his family members have committed suicide as they were unable to cope up the pressure of false criminal cases.

Our police who are trained to deal with criminals are insensitive and incapable to deal with a complaint of the matrimonial dispute. Our NGO receives large number of cases of harassed husbands who have to go through the agony and harassment in the police stations which are acting as “settlement centers” to extract huge amount of money from husbands to settle the dispute which are of matrimonial in nature. Use of physical force and abusive language against husbands and his family members inside the police stations is norm of the day.

Honorable Justice Regupathi of the Chennai High Court issued the following observation in M.P. No.1/2008 in Criminal Original Petition No.10896/2008 filed by Tr.Romaiah. In compliance of the observation made in the above said order, DGP-Tamil Nadu has issued a Circular Memorandum for the State Police of Tamil Nadu. The said order of the Honorable Justice Regupathi alongwith the Circular Memorandum of DGP-Tamil Nadu is attached herewith as Annexure.

We, National Family Harmony Society®, request your office to issue a similar Circular for the Bangalore Police. If such a circular is issued and implemented in true spirit then it will go a long way to curb the heavy misuse of the 498A IPC.

We are available at any time of your convenience to have discussion with you on this subject matter.

P Suresh, President,


National Family Harmony Society

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  1. abdulsalam tali
    October 5, 2010 at 1:58 pm

    – 1 –
    Under right to information Act. 2005 Seduled no. 6 there is some question which is stated below :-
    1). Complained dated on 27th dec 2008 which is given in written to local police station , to A.C.P and other
    which copy are attached and complained dated on 21st feb 2009 only to local police station related to same
    case and act. See Page no. 3 & 4
    Now, can I know that to which complain, police department should take action first?
    2). Under which act it is written that father can’t meet his own children and if it is not written that please make
    me know that what should I do that I can meet my children with fully police protection? See Page no. 4
    3) Please can I know that in under section 498A action should be taken blindly first without any investigation or
    investigation is done first and after that action should be taken. ?
    4).The statement given to local police station against complained given to Higher authority should be according
    to my knowledge or force able by police to give statement according to their desireness.? See Page no. 4
    5). Can I know what is the police priority to take action when any complainer is going vakola police station
    Mumbai, which is badly injured and fully blooding from the head.? See Page no. 24
    6). If vakola police station, Mumbai. Is not performing his duty honestly and playing game with law and order .
    Can I know that government is capable to take action against such person taking shelter of their states.?
    – 2 –
    7). Law and orders are only related to common citizens not to the polices and specially not to the vakola police
    station Mumbai. Than why should common citizen are forced and punished while not performing law and order
    and why not to polices.?
    8).Complained before 2 yrs to President of India, prime minister of India, home minister of India, law and justice
    of India and many more higher authority but up till now no action is taken on my complain than please make
    me know that how the common citizen keep hope of justice from Indian government and faith on judiciary
    system of India ? See Page no. 22 to 28
    9).Their is illegal custody of my children with my wife and her parents for which I had given written complaine to
    vakola police station on 27th dec 2008 and other higher authority .Even though instead of taking action against
    my complain they had taken action on that complain which was dated on 21st feb 2009 and arrested me and my
    senior citizen parents rudely and putted in jail without any investigation . See Page no. 3 & 4
    Can I know that this all illegal action taken by police on me and my old parents is truly legal and
    showing humanity. ?
    10).It can be possible that complain dated on 04/10/2008 and in which incident taken place on 01/11/2008 is
    mentioned.? See Page no. 29 to

    Respected sir………
    Sub:- ( Give justice or death )
    I have already sent you this complaint letter earlier on 28/04/2009, but till date no
    response or action has been taken from your side. Now I just want to ask you
    1). Abdul Salam Abdul Karim Tali, residing at 301, Al Madina Appt., Sufiji Gali, Bade Khan
    Chakla, Surat, Gujarat- 395001.CONTACT NO. 9974338345
    2) Mrs. Shamim Banu, residing at A/80, Gate No: 1, Marwari Chawl, Dowri Nagar, Santacruz (e),
    Mumbai- 400 055. CONTACT NO.9892236283.
    My wife had filled a false case against me of 498-A, 34 in bandra sdm coart case no.1044/09 & ,125. in
    bandra family coart case no. E100596/2008 According to this supreme court ordered protesting against the
    CrPC amendments police cannot arrest me directly without investigation in this Act then also the police of
    Wakola had arrested me and my parents by destroying my and my parents Image and reputation in the society
    which was really a merciful, now there is a question arising that we are true or not for that I will proof briefly as
    below :-
    Just check out the police record against my father in law Mr. Mohammed Aziz Mansuri and his son
    Mohammed Safi Mansuri, you will recognize how this people are harassing mentally, Physically and financially
    to the society, they had made this business to make money in short time, how greedy they are and making the
    misuses of Act 498-A and 125 IPC. The minister Renuka Chaudhary, a committee member of the committee
    of empowerment of women, had given this interview in NDTV that 98% women are making misuse of this act
    then also up till now no changes had been made.
    You can see the background of my wife and her family members they had done the marriage of their
    younger daughter and now they are asking for money for the settlement by this you can know how greedy and
    how professional being by misusing of 498A and 125 IPC.
    – 24 –
    My wife had given a false statement in vakola police station which is clearly seemed to be false. She had given a
    statement that I had attacked on her head with knife by inserting knife into her head up to 2-3 inches inside,
    while lady police had asked her that where is the sign where the knife has inserted in her head, by this question
    only she was caught that she was giving a false statement which was teached by her parents, for this I had
    attached that statement copy with this complaint.
    As they had started giving me Physically, Mentally and financially Stress by filling false case IPC 125 in
    Bandra family court case no.E100596/2008 and 498A filled in Bandra 32 SDM Court, case no.1044/2009 by this
    the problem arises every date given by both the court and both the court are issuing several hearing dates
    different day by which I have to make up down from surat to Mumbai once a week. These circumstances are
    creating money crises to me as I am doing service in a shop, but due this problem I am unable to attend the job
    daily, due to this I am not getting the salary even to travel to Mumbai and attend the dates issued by court., by
    this you can recognize that how I am suffering due to this false case.
    From last 24 month I am suffering due to the mental harassment given by my wife and her parents. They are
    demanding money to settle this cases From starting onwards of my marriage they had started demanding
    money from me and I had given them also several times. Once a time I had received a advance money from my
    customer for new computer, I had taken that money to my house by this thought that I will assemble new
    computer next day, while sleeping at night my wife took that money which I received from my customer along
    with my child had ran away in the midnight to Mumbai without informing me from my rented house which I had
    taken only for her wish to stay separately from my parents at nanpura, Surat.. As she had make a call to me by
    saying that “when my father had asked you for money you had refused to give him, but now I had taken the
    money and given to father , so don’t worry about that”, this incident has taken place on 15/07/2006.
    They had filled two false cases one in Family Court that I am earning Rs. 30,000/- per month and from
    which they need Rs. 15,000/-, and in SDM Court they stated that I was asking Rs. 50,000/- as dowry. From her
    parents, as she was staying with her parents since 32 months. and I was not allowing to meet my wife and also
    both my children’s. On 01/11/2008 I went to Mumbai to meet my wife and my children’s but they attacked me
    and hurted my head. As I complained about this matter at vakola police station but they didn’t filed the FIR
    against them and only registered the N.C. Complain (No. 5671/2008, 01/11/2008), at that time I was injured
    badly and was bleeding. I told the police personnel’s to file my complain in hindi but they refused and told me to
    sign me in a complain which was written in marathi which I couldn’t understand. If you think that I am laying then
    you can see the CC TV CAMERA recording of 01/11/2008 of vakola police station.
    I had given complaints in written on 27/12/2008 to (1). Sr. Police Inspecter, SamajsevaBranch,
    Mumbai, (2) Asst. Police Commissioner, Bandra Zone, Mumbai, (3) D.C.P Bandra Kurla Branch,
    Mumbai,(4) Sr.Inspector ,Vakola, Santacruz. But I can’t under stand that why they not taken any action
    against my complain while they had complain on 21/02/2009 and action had been taken why ? I think you can
    better understand this circumstance. They are trying to make me criminal any how . I had attached that copy of
    the complaints herewith.
    – 25 –
    If you find, all this actions taken against me is illegal then please take some serious action against those
    who are trying to misuse the rights that they are having. I want to put attention of you that due to you , my life my
    childrens life and my parents life is spoiling just due to you, because you are not giving justice to me, if your
    thinking that I m guilty than punished me hang to me the death or give me my children back and punished them
    who are misusing this government laws just to make easy money in simple language Business
    I m not satisfied with vakola police also because when I gone on 01/11/2008 to police station of vakola in
    injured situation which was attempt to murder to put complaint against my wife family because they had injured
    me on head side but seeing this all thing vakola police had not taken my complaint and my written complaint was
    torn in many piece and thrown on my face .After that I had contact to my relative and went again to vakola police
    station to put complaint, after many many request they had taken my complaint but just to put in file, no action
    is taken up till now but the point to be noted is that after 3 month of my given complaint my wife family and
    vakola police had planned to harassed me they putted complaint against me and taken sudden action by taken
    me and my parents from surat at night and putted me and my parents to jail with a rude manner .My wife family
    and vakola police had this joined planned to ruined me and my family .It is clearly seemed that my complaint
    which was given before 3 month of there complaint had not taken any action nor a investigation up till now and
    therefore complaint which was putted after 3 month of my complaint had taken sudden action why ? Can u
    explain me which type of rule and regulation is going on this country.
    Since last 34 months I was not allowing to meet my children’s, they are demanding money and
    threatening me that they have many sources to secure money from my side. Whenever I cal to their number to
    talk to children’s they receive the call and disconnect it after few seconds and second time when I call they uses
    such words which I cannot mention in this statement but I have recorded it in my cell.
    They are saying that, that I had, kick them out from house on 29th Dec.2007, which is fully false
    statement because I have four person as witness which can prove that how false they are I. am attaching
    affidavit of that four person . If their parents are using their daughters to make money in such a way then what
    will be the future of my children’s, as they have already changed the their names and surname.
    I want to ask the government, why such law you making in which u can’t do the investigation and taking
    blind action against husband family?, why when wife’s does the suicide the police take the action against
    husband and his family and why when husband does suicide no action is taken against wife and his family ? just
    give me answer that if I am doing suicide will government or law will take action against my wife and her family.
    Sir I am really ruined in this matter by physically, mentally and financially, now I am seeing death better
    than life . There is not fixed that how long I can bear this matter, my mental is so disturb due to this
    harassment. My next court date issued on 27/10/2010, 29/10/2010, 03/11/2010, 02/03/2011 you can see how
    false harassment is done on me ,just once a day keep your self on my place you will know what a worst life I m
    suffering ,just due to misused of this act because no investigation taking place once you do the special
    investigation you will know what is true and false .
    Hope you will take strict action against such person who are making law as a business and misusing to
    make money in easy way. Kindly look after this matter as a father who had done every thing what ever they
    – 26 –
    needed and even left his parents only for his childrens, and now I can only watch my childrens future being
    letting inside dark but cannot do anything for them. I am not a well educated person, so one of my friend had
    translated this statement from Hindi to English. So please forgive me if you find any mistake in the wordings.
    Thanking you,
    Copy to:-
    1). Respected president of India Smt. Pratibha Patil ji
    2) Respected prime minister of India Shri. Manmohan Singh ji
    3) Respected Shri. P. Chidambaram Ji
    4) Respected Smt. Renuka Chaudhary Ji
    5) Respected chef minister of Gujarat Shri Narendr Modi ji
    6) Respected chef minister of maharashtra Shri. Ashok Chowhan ji
    7) Respected National Human Rights Commission (Investigation)
    8) Respected Law & Justice Minister Shri H.R. Bhardwaj Ji
    9) Respected Minister of Social Justice & Empowerment
    10) Respected Police commissioner Mumbai
    11) zee news, star news, aaj tak, and others.
    Abdul salaam Tali. Mobile no. 0 99743 38345 Email:abdul_141@yahoo.com

    December 13, 2010 at 3:10 pm

    whatever the laws are they to protect women, if misused it is mainly the females who will SUFFER a lot in the future.
    laws are made today, their results will be visualized only after 10 years.
    only in the future people realise what blunder they have committed.
    now a days women do not try to adjust to the husbands family.
    in fact they in their MAATERNAL house have seen their FATHERS HARRASSING & ABUSING THEIR MOTHERS, SO IN THEIR HUSBANDS HOUSE THEY TAKE REVENGE ON MALES i.e on their husbands.
    so the wives proper knowledge on how to survive in this world, the mother does not teach her daughters.
    the result of large scale DIVORCES in INDIA, their results will be known only after 10 years.
    men may live anyhow in this world after getting DIVORCE, but what about FEMALES.
    how will they survive.
    parents may live 5 to max 10 years, but the DIVORCED daughter will have to lead a single life throughout her rermaining 60 years of life.
    or else the society will feast on her & make her a WHO*E or BIT*H.
    So parents before going legally think a hundred times. do not file false compliants. there will be no way to compromise.
    The wives who file false complaints, the police will try to help you by harassing the husbands & they will even resort to 3 rd degree abusement or harming the husbands family.
    The POLICE wants every compassion to show how much powerful he is in this world, just like a swyamvara where every male will try to suppress each other & show their strength.
    But dear wives if you do this kind of things there will be no future for you for RECONCILIATION.
    So don’t ever go to a policeman, he will clear cut dissolve your MARRIAGE. He will think your husband as a criminal & will also treat him & his family as such.
    The HUSBAND may try to take revenge upon you. & he will do it.
    It will be known in the future & time only will tell.
    So if you want your future to be bright & good with your HUSBAND please don’t file false cases & don’t go LEGALLY. Don’t involve a 3rd person in your relation.

    All men are born good, it is in your hands to keep it that way. If you fail to keep it you will be the worst sufferer, not your parents or instigators.

    Remember my words,
    So if men are good then laws will protect them, & false bad women will go to hell.

    This is the doctrine of KARMA.

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