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Rs 14,000 crore in next 5 years for trial court infrastructure: Moily


NEW DELHI: For the long neglected 16,000 trial courts operating in abysmal conditions and ill-equipped to tackle the 2.80 crore pendency, law minister M Veerappa Moily on Wednesday announced a Rs 14,000 crore package to be rolled out over the next five years.

“The money will be utilised to provide additional infrastructure and inject vitality to the existing ones, focus on training judicial officers and public prosecutors and introduce scientific case management concept for speedy disposal of cases. It will also be used to create much needed space for judges and advocates,” Moily told TOI.

This appears in line with the efforts of Chief Justice of India S H Kapadia, who had recently submitted a report on infrastructure needs of the judiciary to the prime minister and constituted a special Bench to take up the status of subordinate judiciary in each state and goad the states to improve it.

Of the Rs 14,000 crore that would be needed over the next five years, Rs 5,000 crore has already been provided in the earlier sanctions. “We have prepared the necessary proposals for the additional Rs 9,000 crore that will be needed to give the subordinate judiciary the facilities needed to tackle the pendency menace. It will soon be placed before Union Cabinet for approval,” the law minister said.

Moily’s initiative appears to be in sync with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s promise a year ago in the conference of Chief Justices that for every step taken by the judiciary, the government was ready to take two.

The law minister said of the estimated requirement, Rs 1,000 crore would be spent on setting up e-courts to decongest the lower judiciary from massive files which get bulkier during pendency. “Rs 300 crore would be spent on revamping state judicial academies to improve training of judges and another Rs 150 crore would be spent to train public prosecutors to improve their efficiency in courts,” he said.

However, what appeared radical was the proposal to introduce court managers post for every district. “They will bring in scientific management of dockets by bracketing together identical cases and introduce efficiency in disposal of disputes,” Moily said, adding the government had earmarked Rs 300 crore for this purpose.

Poor litigants will be provided better legal aid and the government will spend an additional Rs 200 crore, apart from the budgeted amount, to improve the services given to them. Not the least, the mediators, who will play an important role in settling disputes amicably between parties, will be given advanced training with a budget of Rs 150 crore.

“The government is also contemplating amending the Court Fees Act as litigants pay between Re 1 and Rs 10 for filing a petition in various courts,” the minister said.

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