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Help! My husband is spoiling me: A strange break-up


Model drags husband to court for forcing her to use his Audi and to get expensive silicon implants


Hemanth Kashyap
Posted On Thursday, July 22, 2010 at 04:42:08 AM
Adivorce petition filed by a 24-year-old management graduate-turned model against her 48-year-old husband took on bizarre proportions literally, when she accused him of forcing her to go for silicon implants and then getting them removed.
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Apparently, he was not happy with the results.

Pooja Sidhu has sought a compensation of Rs 10 crore from Manpreet Singh Sidhu, who she married on January 2, 2009, on this and other grounds with the  Hulimavu Police and 5TH Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate. Her series of allegations including harassment, bigamy and cheating against her husband. 

The model also seems to be unhappy with being forced to live the good life. “He forced me to use his Audi Q5 car and gave Rs 2.5 lakh pocket money every month. He insisted that I spend this entire money and be on par with socialites. He also gave me an AMEX credit card and insisted that I use it mindlessly. He wanted to spoil me,” she went on in her complaint.

The managing director and CEO of a software firm in the city has retaliated  with a police case against her stating that she has ran away with one of her boy friends Dheeraj Kaushik, a ex-security chief working with a high-profile ashram.

Pooja and Manpreet met and fell in love while doing a vipassana course at an ashram in 2009. As they were not supposed to talk, they exchanged notes and registered their marriage with the state government.  However, Pooja’s happiness was shortlived. As soon as they started talking, she discovered that Manpreet ahd a teenaged daughter from his previous marriage and  was 47 years old and not 32 as he had claimed to be in his notes. As tension simmered between the two, things came to a head when during one of his office trips, a woman ansered Manpreet’s phone for him. “When I confronted him, he turned abusive and assualted me. This was the begining and end of our relationship,” said Pooja in her complaint.
But that was not all. “In January 2010, he forced me to go for silicon breast implant at a Mumbai Hospital so that Iook attractive and enticing. Then, in April, he made me to remove the silicon breast implant,” said Pooja.

Reacting to her allegations, Manpreet told Bangalore Mirror “She has planned the conspiracy  with Dheeraj Kaushik. I never intended to go for a separation. She and Dheeraj wanted to rob me, so they are resorting to defamation. Yes I got her silicon breast implants. She wanted it too a and I paid for it. She is a model who lacked confidence and she wanted to boost it by going for the implants. She had sagging skin, so she decided to get it removed. Her allegation that I forced her to go through it is absolutely false.’’

Meanwhile, Bangalore Police who are investigating the case said “Investigations are on and we will keep the court informed about it,’’ DCP (South East) BNS Reddy said.

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