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498-A favours women, scrap it: Men’s lobby


Neeta Kolhatkar

Mumbai: With more and more cases coming to light about women misusing the 498-A, men facing the repercussions of it, such as arrest and false charges, have formed a pressure group to get the women-friendly law scrapped.

“We have many real cases in which the husbands and their old parents have been arrested on frivolous multiple charges Women involved in these cases have used the 498-A to extort money. We demand that firstly, the men should not be presumed guilty, and secondly, the provision should not be woman-friendly,” Sandeep Kedia, member of an NGO, Child’s Right and Family Welfare, said.

Other members of the NGO too claimed that among them there were people who had even faced jail terms for the false cases filed against them and their parents by their wives.

One of them, Saif Tumbi, said that he had sent his wife a talaqnama by registered post. She accepted it, and yet filed a 498-A case against Tumbi. “I returned her mehr and jewellery, and she signed on a Rs4 lakh bond paper. Then, she went ahead and filed multiple charges against me and my aged parents,” Tumbi said.

The NGO members cited statistics procured from the national crime records bureau (NCRB). The data showed that the number of women arrested under 498-A has been on the rise — 27,832 women were arrested in 2004, as against 97,825 men; in 2006 the numbers were 31,253 women and 1,05,927 men; in 2007, 1,20,645 women and 4,13,790 men were arrested.

However, women are not ready to buy it. Veena Gowda, a woman lawyer, told DNA, “There might be some women who have misused this provision. But the number of women falling prey to domestic violence is a lot more. If anything, this provision has to be made a lot more stringent. It is the responsibility of men to treat women well. Those not doing it must pay the price.”

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