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I am glad somebody feels this way about me 🙂 Actually the pleasure is all mine for giving me the opportunity to explain myself. OK. You asked for it 🙂

But there is no right or wrong approach. We fall, we learn. What works for me might not work for others. I dont judge people who pay up and supposedly get on with their lives. Its what you want out of the whole experience that counts. Most of us just wanted the problem to go away so that we can get on with our happy little imaginary future. I felt that way too in the beginning. Why this? Why me? I remember reading somewhere that for carbon to become the hardest substance it has to go through the hottest fire and the most intense pressure. Luckily I remembered in time, so I asked the ACP to send me to jail instead of his proposal for a negotiation. I have not regretted it even though I cursed my way through 6 years of standing alone in dirty court corridors. Because I did not bend to a system(and a mad bitch of advocate wife!!!) which is hell bent on destroying me. I realize that the power the system has on me is not any law or statute. The power the system has on me comes from my own fear. But there is no ‘logical’ way to fight our fears. The best way is to fight fear is to explore it. Hence, I identify with the ‘Jail Bharo’ concept. Again, I am not judging anyone here when they try to escape jail or get AB or anything else.

Every day I see our brave people on tv, on the street dharnas, giving pamphlets, counselling new people, doing rti’s, letter campaigns etc., and I know they are all feeling the same way inside. The feeling of conquering fear and its pain.

What I have said is inevitable. Most of you might not agree with me today. To tell the system it has no power on me, I have to say..”To hell with you and your laws..Arrest me if you want, Arrest my grandmother also if you want, Isolate my children from me if you want, Take away my money from me if you can—But I refuse to be unhappy”.

On the other hand, the system wants you to resist arrest, to hire lawyers for divorce, to beg before judges, to fear police, to spend all your money, your energies. It is like being dragged into a game which is rigged against you and you have to play by their rules. They want you to play chess on a chessboard with only half of your chess pieces. And we keep playing this losing game forever. What is needed is either 1)You dont play at all 2) or you play football(or even ludo) with your rules on the chessboard.

Change is the only constant. There is no point in saying we were wrong or right till now. What might have worked yesterday for SIF might not work tomorrow. The call for Jail Bharo still expects volunteers only, for people who are only just facing the problem, to consider saying “Screw you, I prefer going to jail than negotiate with CAW cell”. When enough of these people get out and screw the system, only then the intended change will come. Even THEN, if the desired change doesnt come, 498A et al., will be the equivalent of going to a sunday movie. After you come out of the jail door, you should be able to say..”I want to do it again, next week”. Everyone in NCW & WCD will commit suicide then.

Normally I would answer this with a dose of sarcasm for which some of my friends in SIF love to hate me!!! But since I am feeling good today, I will sign this off with a big GOOD DAY.


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  1. Rajasekhar
    February 1, 2011 at 2:13 pm

    Partha ,
    you are riht.Instead of negotiate go to jail is better.

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