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Judge hits century in writing law books


In a rare feat, Justice P.S. Narayana of the A.P. High Court wrote 100 books pertaining to law and stood on the threshold entering the popular Limca Book of Records for second time.

Pursuing his passion of writing books on law, a path tread rarely, even while delivering judgments, Justice Narayana bettered his own record. He had already secured an entry in the Limca book by authoring maximum of 84 books, a few years ago. And now by adding 16 more books to his credit, he took the score to 100, worthy of another mention.

Speaking at a function organised by the Bar Council of Andhra Pradesh and High Court Advocates Association to felicitate him, he wanted judges and advocates to strive for better justice delivery system. He recalled his earlier days of practice in Chittoor district and said he felt happy as the books he authored have helped the advocates to improve the academic standards.

D. Prakash Reddy, President of Advocates Association along with his fellow members honoured the judge.

Advocate General, D.V. Seetha Rama Murthy and senior advocate, L. Ravichander said that the bench and the bar immensely benefited from the books and commentaries authored by Justice Narayana. They complimented him for being generous and sympathetic to the younger members of profession. All India Lawyers Union, Nyayavadi Parishad and several younger members of bar praised him for his knowledge of law and as writer.


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