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Cops chasing killer leave lawyer to die


26-year-old Naveena Srinivas Reddy lay in a pool of blood for close to half an hour at the Karnataka HC as police went after her obsessive colleague who had stabbed her and locked himself in a bathroom


Shyam Prasad
Posted On Friday, July 09, 2010 at 09:14:12 AM
High Court lawyer Naveena Srinivas lay motionless outside Court Hall No 4 for 45 minutes on Thursday afternoon after being stabbed thrice by fellow advocate Rajappa Lakshmaiah, whose marriage proposal she had turned down. There were three cops at the scene, but none of them made any attempts to rush her to a hospital. While two cops went chasing the assailant, who had locked himself in a toilet, the third busied himself in shooing away the crowds.
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Naveena Lakshmaiah

The brutal stabs of a button knife on Naveena’s head, neck and stomach had caused potentially fatal injuries. The delay in taking her to a hospital killed her.

Advocate Subhash S, who was among the first to reach a profusely bleeding Naveena a few minutes after the attack said she was breathing and her eyes were half open.

Subhash was in the library when he heard the commotion at around 1.35 pm. Downstairs, in the corridor outside Court Hall No 2, which overlooks Cubbon Park, he saw Naveena sprawled on the floor in a pool of blood. “Her gown was partially covering her face. When I moved the gown aside, I noticed a flutter in her eyes. I yelled out saying she was alive and should be rushed to a hospital,” he said.

 Police take away Naveena’s body from the High Court premises

There are four hospitals in close proximity of the high court — Martha Hospital, Wockhardt Hospital, Mallya Hospital and Bowring Hospital. All four are not more than ten minute’s drive from the high court. If the cop on the scene had shown some presence of mind and rushed Naveena to one of them, she could have been saved.

Advocate Subramanya Jois, who tried to give Naveena some water, agrees the delay in taking Naveena to a hospital proved fatal. “The delay killed her. She was breathing when I offered her water,” he said.

Advocate Shankar Narayan Rao, who called 108, was asked so many questions that at one point he was heard screaming, “I am the registrar general of the high court. Please send an ambulance immediately.”
The ambulance arrived at 2.05 pm and left for Bowring Hospital at 2.20 pm.

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