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‘Naveena knew Rajappa, used to visit him’


Bangalore Mirror Bureau

Posted On Friday, July 09, 2010 at 09:13:38 AM


Naveena is the daughter of Sreenivas Reddy J V and Savithramma C L who live in Chikballapur district. The 26-year-old was an alumni of Kolar Degree College. She had enrolled with the Karnataka State Bar Council (KSBC) in 2009. Three months ago, she began working as a junior advocate with Prakash Shetty.
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Victim: Naveena Srinivas is from
Chintamani in Kolar district
Accused: Rajappa Lakshmaiah is from Srinivaspura in Kolar district

Mathew, one of her colleagues, said, “She joined us on April 1. She was a hard worker. Her work hours were from 9.30 am to 7 pm. Her assignments took her to the Karnataka Central Administrative Tribunal and the civil court. She never discussed her private life with colleagues.”

Rajappa had also studied in the same college. Apparently, Naveena had visited his house on 9th Cross at Wilson Garden at least twice in June.

Ramu, manager of a grocery store just below Rajappa’s house, said, “I knew him to be a gentleman and a hard worker. He would leave his home at 8.30 am and return only by 11.30 pm. He used to share his work-related problems with me. He would always come and speak to me before going to work. Everybody knew that he was in love with the girl. Last month, she visited his house twice. At that time, I was not around. Later, he told me that his girlfriend had been to his house and he had wanted to introduce her to me. They had visited Chickmagalur and Mysore some time ago. Last week, he got to know that she was going to be engaged to some other person. He told me that if what he had heard was true, he would not spare anyone, not her or her family.”

‘He wanted to marry her’
Rajappa, 27, son of Lakshmaiah, is from Shigalapalya in Kolar district. He is also an alumni of Kolar Degree College and had enrolled with the Karnataka State Bar Council in 2006. Sources said he was in love with Naveena since their college days and wanted to marry her despite opposition from both families as they were from different castes.

‘He is expected to survive’
Doctors at Mallya Hospital said that Rajappa had stabbed himself a number of times. In additional, he had also consumed poison. But, he is expected to survive. A doctor said, “He had three stab wounds on his throat and two on his stomach. One had just missed his heart. The wounds have been stiched. He took a heavy dose of poison. Though the wounds are small, the poison is making it a risky case. We will keep him under observation for 72 hours.”

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