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Jail Bharo Flyer




Thousands of husbands and their families are arrested every year,

without evidence or investigation,

under IPC Sections 498A, 304B, Dowry Prohibition Act, and related wife-centric laws.

 Anti-dowry laws are among the most abused laws in India:

  • The President of India, High Courts of various States, the Supreme Court of India and the World Health Organization have noted the misuse of dowry laws.
  • National Human Rights Commission has issued guidelines to stop unnecessary arrests.
  • The Commissioner of Police, Hyderabad, issued standing instructions through a memo vide No.L&O/M6/1315/2002 to check arbitrary arrests.
  • The AP Police Dept. has a web page entitled “Abuse of 498A” on their Department website.
  • The Union Ministry of Home Affairs issued an advisory to all the State Governments and Union Territories on checking the misuse of Section 498A.


Abuse of police powers continues;

Unnecessary arrests have only been increasing in the State;

Innocent citizens are illegally detained, humiliated, subjected to mental and physical torture;

Blackmail and extortion have become a daily business;

…all in the name of “protecting women from cruelty and harassment”.


  • The real motive behind these arrests is to terrorize you and extort money from you under the threat of imprisonment and long-drawn legal battles.
  • The Government of India is trivializing our pleas to stop arbitrary arrests of citizens under anti-dowry laws.
  • The Government is making new laws (sexual assault, work place harassment, acid attacks etc.) which stress on immediate arrest of men upon mere accusations made by women.


  • Arrest is inevitable for any man facing allegations of abuse or assault.
  • Be prepared to go to jail along with your family even if you committed no crime!
  • Free yourself from the fear of jail!
  • Get over the humiliation and suffering of being dragged into the streets!
  • Do not drive yourself into depression, ruin your health or end your own life!
  • Do not give in to blackmail and extortion!
  • Learn about your human, constitutional and legal rights!
  • Fight back for your honour, dignity and justice!

Jail bharo! Jail bharo! Giraftaaree se nahee daro!

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NFHS Demand “Holiday Courts” and “Evening Courts” similar to Tamil Nadu and Orissa in Family Court Bangalore

P R E S S    R E L E A S E

NFHS Demand “Holiday Courts” and “Evening Courts” similar to Tamil Nadu and Orissa in Family Court Bangalore

Today NFHS has submitted a list of proposals and suggestions to Chief Justice-Karnataka, Chief Minister-Karnataka, Honorable Governor-Karnataka, Law Minister-Karnataka and Principal Judge, Family Court-Bangalore:

Subject: National Family Harmony Society (NFHS) supports the recent initiative of Chief Justice, Madras and Cabinet decision of Orissa Government to start “Holiday courts” and “Evening Courts” respectively. We demand similar steps be taken at Family Court, Bangalore to bring down the huge pendency of matrimonial cases in Family court, Bangalore.


About National Family Harmony Society®: “National Family Harmony Society® NFHS is a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) promoting the cause of “family harmony” and “gender equality”. It is registered under “The Karnataka Societies Registration Act, 1960” and is based in Bangalore. We have branches in more than 16 states and in abroad too. We have approximately 14500 members all over India. To know more about us please visit /


Holiday court Initiative in Tamil Nadu:


Evening courts initiative in Orissa:

Gujrat, TamilNadu, Pujab and Delhi are some of the states where evening courts are functioning successfully. Our NGO works very closely with family court litigants and we provide counseling and other possible advice and help to the litigants of the family court. These litigants have a failed marriage and had already undergone lot of trouble, harassment and mental torture due to a failed marriage. Such litigants approach Family Court to get some relief or Justice. But they are further tortured and harassed by a system which is extremely slow, inefficient and insensitive to the needs of such litigants.

As per media reports thousands of cases are pending in the family court, Bangalore from many years. To get divorce or child custody it takes many years. Even to dispose an interim application it takes many months. The litigants go to the family court just to get another date. Adjournments, delay and endless wait in the Family Court are the norm of the day. These litigants need to be treated with extra care and emotion as these cases are different from a cheque bounce or a property dispute case. These cases involve human emotions and sentiments.

Our NGO has received cases where litigants are having suicidal tendencies due to the in-ordinate delays in disposing the cases. In order to alleviate the sufferings of the litigants of family courts, we have submitted following list of proposals and suggestions to Chief Justice-Karnataka, Chief Minister-Karnataka, Honorable Governor-Karnataka, Law Minister-Karnataka and Principal Judge, Family Court-Bangalore:

  • Induct more judges and extend the court timings to late evenings.
  • Family courts should start an evening shift in addition to the regular day shift.
  • Due to the heavy pendency of the cases Family Courts should operate on Sundays also with additional judges.
  • Additional 6 more family courts in addition to the existing 4 family courts should be opened without any further delay to cope up with the huge pendency.
  • The Family Courts shall ensure that all matrimonial cases be disposed within a period of Six months.
  • The Family Courts to officially suspend the practice of summer vacation to the benches till the time limit of Six months is met.
  • The Family Courts to officially state that no new cases to be taken till the old ones are disposed.
  • All long-pending (one year and above) cases should be transferred to the Fast Track Courts to dispose of within a time limit.
  • Family Court records must be computerized so that old cases can be disposed on a priority basis and cases can be tracked scientifically.
  • As there are overload on the court on a particular date and less-load on some dates hence the practice of giving dates in the open court must be stopped. Instead dates must be given by the computer section like in Supreme Court or judges should be given computer training and computers must be installed so that dates are given in a scientific way.
  • The tendency of one party to drag the cases to delay the proceeding must be dealt severely with heavy cost and other means.
  • Judges must be sensitized to the fact that they are dealing with the cases involving “Human life” that are driven by “emotional issues” in case of matrimonial issues which are very different from a criminal case.


For more information please contact

P Suresh, President,                                           M Mahesh, General Secretary,

9880141531                                                      9731569970

National Family Harmony Society                         National Family Harmony Society

You are also requested to visit / /

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Husbands Acting on Behalf of Women Representatives

Husbands Acting on Behalf of Women Representatives
Women’s Commission terms it forgery
Tribune News Service

Nainital, July 2
Peeved over certain women representatives of public being represented by their husbands at various forums, the Uttarakhand Commission for Women is planning to write the state government to take immediate steps to check this practice and treat it on a par with forgery.

Vice-chairman of the commission Geeta Thakur said here today, “It is really a pity that we have pradhan pati, sarpanch pati and block pramukh pati (husbands of gram pradhans, sarpanches and block presidents) representing them in various meetings at the administrative level. There are instances that the husbands take decisions on their behalf. Such practices need to be stopped and the women public representatives need to understand that they are representing the public with certain powers entrusted. The husbands have no rights to use that power.”

Geeta said, “We are going to take up the matter with the state government at the earliest asking them to take measures to stop this practice which is nothing but forgery in a different form. If the husband goes ahead and signs at the place where his elected wife is supposed to do, it is obviously a case of forgery and needs to be dealt with in a similar manner.”

She further said the commission was going to take up issues concerning women of Uttarakhand with the National Commission for Women (NCW) at a meeting scheduled to be held on July 5. This is the first time that there would be an interface between the two institutions. “We want them to know that there is a need to set up stay homes for women who are victims of atrocities in the state. We will also be seeking budgetary provisions for making women aware of their legal and other rights. We also want to involve the aanganwadi workers in making women in the villages aware of things and also to help them report cases of rape and other atrocities to the police. We are also aiming to get the police officials to train these aanganwadi workers on how to help the victims reach them,” she added.

Referring to the recent tie up of the commission with the 108 EMRI

emergency health service which will help women facing atrocities or abuse get their complaints registered by dialling the number 108, Geeta divulged that a police personnel will accompany the ambulance to reach the victims.

She said in cases of rape or other atrocities, the women would not have to go to the police station but would get their complaints recorded while being transported and being given first aid inside the 108 ambulance.

“This will also help in checking cases where women at times try to register false complaints as she can always be confronted later with whatever she got recorded in the first instance,” she said. She added that at least 35

per cent of the complaints of dowry lodged by women across the state

were found to be false and the recording of their version through GPRS

would help check this. She said since the tie up with the 108 service, 84 women complainants had got their complaints lodged.She was very critical of the attitude of the police towards the women who are victim of various atrocities and seek legal redressal.

She accused the police of tampering with the complaints and evidence in several instances, besides helping the accused in various matters flee by the time a police team arrives to arrest him.

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