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Bail denied in corruption case – Delhi HC

  BAIL APPLN 992/2010
  Gopal Krishan ….Petitioners
  Through: Mr. Gajinder Singhal, Advocate
  Mr. S.S.Dhya and Mr. Lokesh Dhya, Advocates
  Through: Mr. Sushil Kr. Dubey, Advocate
   O R D E R
  This bail application has been made by the accused, who is involved in a
  case under Prevention and Corruption Act. The most unfortunate fact in this
  case is that the person who was involved is a Deputy Manager of the bank. A
  loan was sought under the scheme titled ?Prime Minister Employment Generation
  Program?. This scheme has been formulated for the unemployed and poor persons,
  and is one of the schemes floated by the Government to help downtrodden and
  poor. It need not be emphasized as to what is happening to these schemes on
  ground. Many of these schemes are not able to help poor because of widespread
  corruption prevalent among the persons, who have to implement the schemes. In
  this case, the complainant, who made an application for grant of a loan was
  called by the accused at his house and the accused had demanded Rs.20,000/- from
  the applicant/complainant for processing her application. The applicant lodged
  a complaint with CBI of this demand of bribe and a raid was conducted at the
  time when the applicant/complainant had gone with part of the bribe money. The
  entire raid was conducted after completing necessary formalities and the accused
  was caught red-handed with the bribe money.
  I consider that in cases of corruption the Courts should not be lenient
  as to give a message to the corrupt that come what may even if you are corrupt
  and caught red-handed with bribe money for processing the applications of the
  poor persons, you have a right to be on bail. Bail and not jail, cannot be
  maxim in cases of such corrupt persons who eat away the schemes, meant for poor
  persons floated by the government for their upliftment.
  I, therefore find that it is not a case where bail may be granted. The
  application is hereby dismissed.
  Vacation Judge
  June 21, 2010
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